You’re Addicted to Your Emotions

Every cell in your body has an addiction problem…

That’s right.. They get addicted to peptides. Peptides are like the chemical or physical manifestation of emotions.

All cells have peptide receptors — like a mouth that lets them eat peptides. When they eat a peptide, the consciousness of that cell takes on that emotion.

Like I said: your cells are addicted. There are different peptides for different emotions, and each type of peptide has its own type of peptide receptor on the cell walls.

So let’s say you feel anxious and you feel victimized. Your hypothalamus in the brain which produces peptides is sending out peptides into the bloodstream for cells to pick up, and it’s sending out peptides of anxiety and victimization.

As a side note, it’s interesting which cells pick up which peptides. Different parts of your body probably resonate at different frequencies, because some areas are weaker than others. Diseased areas where there’s toxic build up that may manifest as psoriasis, eczema, tight and damaged muscle tissue, fibroid tumors, endometriosis, cancerous tumors, and other location-specific health issues, reflect places in your energy field that are vibrating at a low frequency.

So in that area of your physical body, your cells are predominantly receiving peptides associated with low-frequency emotions. And, probably holding onto old memories that these heavy emotions are attached to.

So how do you stop releasing these peptides that cause low frequencies?

It’s all about supply and demand.

The less you allow yourself to feel victimized, the less peptides associated with victimization will be released… and as a result, victimization peptide receptors will start to go away and be replaced with the new feeling state.

Learn how to generate your own positive feeling states.

We’re taught that the outside world is what always causes our feelings to arise. Not true, at all. It’s your inner feelings stored in your body (which is one with your subconscoius mind) that give rise to external events that in turn trigger you, to wake you up to the suppressed feelings you’re dragging around unconsciously!

Anyway. You can generate your own feeling states using any technique that works for you. Some people like to think of people they love, memories that make them smile or any other thought that can generate emotions. The more you focus on feeling the feeling INSIDE your body, the easier it becomes to tap into these positive feeling states when you need them.

Learn how to release stored negativity and stop suppressing negative feelings.

Now that you’re blasting your energy field with positive vibes, joy and happiness, you’re literally purging the low vibrations out of you. That means — they’re releasing! So it’s no wonder it seems like everything all goes to hell when you start to grow, heal and nurture yourself with positivity.

All you need to do is understand the process you’re going through. That way, you can oversee it, and experience the emotions without identifying with them. Rather, see them as a perspective of the world you’re now ready to get rid of, that must come into focus before you can fully oversee it.

Allow yourself to purge emotions through crying, physical exercise, creative outlets or whatever works for you. This ability to release stagnant negativity is the foundation of emotional maturity.

Stay Strong,

xx Magnetic Mama

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