You Are Nature… Not Your Mind!

Hello beautiful readers!  I’m realizing more and more that the main obstacle to being our authentic selves is the mind.  The mind needs to learn its place!  The mind is a receiver of information, it is not you.  It can download information from your higher self/divine essence or from your lower self (parasites trying to survive by feeding off your awareness).  It all depends on where you’re focusing.

Low thought forms keep trying to pull us in and make us identify with them.  They tell us we’re victims of something or someone.  They tell us we ought to be angry about something.  But they’re illusions that cannot survive without the light of your awareness!  As soon as you let them go and realize they’re not you (thereby stop identifying with them), they die because you’re no longer feeding them with your life force energy (via emotional attachments).

So how do we stop getting pulled in by these thoughts?  I’ve learned we have to become the observer.  We have to constantly remind ourselves to be aware of our thoughts.  Ask yourself, “what am I thinking” and “how am I feeling?”  Watch a thought and question it.  “Why am I thinking angry thoughts about this person?  Why am I looking down on myself?”  Your higher self will answer your questions. If you remain at that level of awareness where you’re observing your thoughts instead of identifying with them and feeding them with your emotions, then you’ll be able to hear what your higher self is saying.

Maintaining the level of awareness of the observer requires being in the present moment.  Not in the past, not in the future.  In my video below I talk about how the mind likes to pull us elsewhere, but being one with nature and being one with ourselves can only ever happen Now.

Love and peace <3

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