You Already Know How to Meditate!

Namaste. ✿

How to MeditateWhen I first got the idea that I wanted to be a person who meditates, I believed I didn’t know how to meditate and that I needed the assistance of a guided meditation or written instructions in order to “do it right” and have a good meditation. Thus, this is where I started.

As I started to have deeper experiences meditating, I realized my best experiences were when I attained an egoless state of non-attachment to anything in this world of form – though I’m still working on maintaining this state for longer than a few seconds so I can delve deeper into the Formless. This started happening when I finally started to gain confidence in my ability to meditate without instruction. I started to view meditation as sacred time with myself, without the need of a “middle man.” 

Guided Meditation

When you’re following a guided meditation or instructions from a book for your meditation practice, you’re still attached to that guru, audio CD or guidelines — all of which are part of this impermanent realm of form. Only by letting go of all attachments on this realm are we able to go deeper into our meditation practice and sacred space of the Self. We can go beyond form to connect with the infinite Formless.


Just like the physical body inherently knows how to heal itself, the spiritual body knows how to meditate. Trust yourself. Do not put anyone’s expertise on meditation over your own. It is this trust and confidence that will allow you to let go of the need for attachments outside of self.

Science has found that when we relax our body and be still during a meditation session, the central nervous system calms. When the central nervous system calms, the mind begins to quiet.

Many people begin meditating but get discouraged because so many thoughts come up. What you didn’t know, is that means it’s working! Your subconscious is going through its own natural cleansing process, where thoughts come to the surface as energies release from your field. The key is to watch these thoughts as an observer, rather than try not to think them. 

Infinite Love.

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