Women, Let’s Return to Our Bodies & Get Back to Nature ♥

Hello to all the beautiful women reading this.

I feel led to write to you today about the importance of moving into our bodies as women. As women, our center of life force energy is between the hips. In our wombs. And the vagina grounds that energy down to the Earth.

More than men, we are connected to the Earth by default. We are the nurturers. We are the caregivers. We are the ones more capable of showing unconditional compassion. Earth is a spiritual being who has taken humans into her womb to nurture us, love us and host us as we have our experiences. Women are built in her image and are connected to her spirit

What’s happened is that for centuries society has been patriarchal and has become centered on masculine energy rather than centered on the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Look at the work force, for example. If the work force had a balance of masculine and feminine energy, it wouldn’t be a rat race, it wouldn’t be so competitive, and it wouldn’t leave people out of work. Even the fact that there is a “work force” where everyone is expected to go out of their daily life and work someplace created by someone else that doesn’t allow them to organically live their passions and serve their life purpose, shows us that society is imbalanced between masculine and feminine energies.

This imbalance has an effect on both men and women. We both have masculine and feminine energies in us. But because women have more feminine energy than males and are created predominantly in the image of feminine energy, the imbalance affects women even more. It’s taken us too far out of our bodies and caused us to dwell in and identify with our minds.

Because of this, instead of doing what feels right to us in our heart spaces, and doing what feels right to us in our guts, we do what we think is right according to how we believe others will perceive us. Essentially, we act according to how we judge ourselves with our minds, which usually guided by external programming put upon us, coming at us from every direction.

How is society going to perceive me? How are men going to perceive me? How are other women going to perceive me? We’re living in the mind so much that our thoughts and hardened belief systems are limiting us from expressing our true authentic selves. And the hilarious illusion is… that all the other people out there who you think are seeing you, who you think are judging you… aren’t really seeing you the way that you think they are. They’re busy doing the same thing you’re doing, judging themselves and acting in accordance to limiting belief systems rather than being their authentic selves. They only see you as a reflection of themselves. They don’t see the authentic you… unless they’ve become their authentic selves.

Suppression of the authentic self causes of unhappiness, depression, anxiety, and basically every problem your mind could tell you that you have. It’s blocking us from loving ourselves, living our true purposes and just having fun all the time.

When we can move into our bodies and let go of the mind, we can let go of these limiting belief systems and thoughts that restrict our true authentic selves. When we are in tune with our bodies, we’re connected to nature. When we’re connected to nature, we’re in tune with our bodies. See the connection there? Our bodies are a part of nature. We’re borrowing our bodies from the Earth herself, and we’re going to give them back once we’re through with this lifetime.

Our bodies are equipped with hormones, a nervous system and other elements that regulate our instincts. We also can receive information through our bodies from the earth and our immediate surroundings. Once we start moving into the body, or in other words, permeating our consciousness through the body, we start being observers of the mind rather than identifying with it.

If we’ve been directing all our attention to our minds and following along with the illusions it creates, it’s time to re-direct our attention to our bodies. Right now our bodies are asleep; they’re operating subconsciously. We need to move our consciousness out of our minds and into the body to awaken it. Once we do, we FEEL AMAZING. Body and spirit align. We feel energized. We’re no longer contemplating and stressing over the problems of the mind. We’re in tune with our instincts and our mind is in tune with being rather than illusions.

So how do we wake up the body and start moving our awareness into it?

As women, throughout history we have always danced with our hips. You may have heard that the hips are where women carry most of their weight, while the shoulders are where men carry most of their weight. This is a direct reflection of masculine and feminine energy; women have more feminine energy, which is housed in the chakras below the heart, whereas men have more masculine energy, housed in the upper chakras.

When we get our hips moving, we awaken the life force energy stored in our wombs. In traditional African tribes, as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions, women have always moved their hips to the beat during traditional ceremonies. Gently swaying our hips can get our energy flowing, but strong, fast and forceful movements can really shake it up and awaken our life force.

Yoga is also an amazing practice that allows us to move our awareness into our bodies. In sports you’re concentrated on the game and strategy–it’s in the mind. But in yoga, you’re focused 100 percent on your body. You have to increase your awareness of your body in order to hold a balancing pose. And by the time you’re done with a 30 minute or 60 minute yoga session, you come out of it like you’re coming back to “reality” because you were so in the zone. It’s a moving meditation, it causes you to leave the mind behind and move into your body.

It’s also important to ground our feet to the Earth. Take a walk barefoot outside if you can. By grounding we take in energizing prana and we take in knowledge from the Earth that we can become conscious of if we’re tuned into it and our minds aren’t blocking it out. Walking with our barefeet also massages the pressure points of our feet. If you know anything about foot reflexology, you know that this awakens the entire body, helping to remove energy blockages from our vital organs.

When we eat natural foods from the earth, and avoid meat and processed foods, it’s a lot easier for us to move into our bodies. Well, actually it starts happening by itself. When you eat raw, living foods, you’re putting prana into your body, awakening it. When you put processed sugar, alcohol and other “numbing agents” into your body, you’re putting it to sleep.

There’s more we can do to move into our bodies, but I’ve said quite a bit already!

Our authentic, natural self is love, abundance and peace. There are ways to uncover our authentic selves by peeling back layers of the mind during meditation and mindfulness. But the most natural and easy way for women to find our authentic selves is to move into our bodies and connect with the Earth.

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