Is Your Self Talk Building or Destroying You?

Q: What is your self talk like?

Is it motivational?

Does it inspire you to jump out of bed and start enjoying your day?

Is it compassionate? Do you express love to yourself internally through the good times and the bad?

Or….positive self talk Is it angry?

Is it mean? Is it a bully? Does it judge you and reprimand you for the way you look, the way you act and every thing you say to people?

Does the voice in your head hold you hostage and torture you? Does the voice in your head scare you to death with all its worries and projections of what could happen?

On a scale of 1 to 10…

1 being incredibly negative and 10 being incredibly positive, rate your self talk.

Now, in order to demonstrate the power of what I’m about to tell you, I want you to do this quick exercise. Simply scan your body for any tension. It might be in your neck, in your shoulders, in your back, in your hips or thighs, wherever. I want you to freeze the rest of your body and just isolate one tense muscle… and use purely your mind to completely relax it. Will it to relax with the power of your mind. Could you do it? The tense muscle relaxed, right?mindset Now, you see the power of mind-body communication. The mind tells the body how to behave, and the body obeys, yes? So, if you’re talking all day every day in your head, who do you think is listening? Your body! Your thoughts are in your brain and your brain is connected to every single damn nerve in every muscle tissue throughout your entire body. Your thoughts are always telling your body what to do. Let me say that again: your thoughts tell your body what to do. If you’ve ever been in a play or taken an acting class in school, you know the body is capable of taking on different characters… purely based on thought… and the conviction that you could be that character.

Reprogram Your Self Talk…

So, you can use your thoughts to tell your body exactly what reality you want to live in. Use your thoughts to create high-frequency feeling states in your body. Think about places, memories and past experiences that make you feel joyful and free. By doing that, you’re training your body to create that frequency more and more automatically. You regain control over your conscious mind, which is made to help you apply focus to your imagination, to guide your imagination to create something practical for your life. Some of you have great fantasies, but you aren’t making them into realities because you haven’t gained control of your thoughts. Your mind is still thinking for you, instead of you talking to yourself. Gain control of your mind and make your mind work for you by talking to it… tell it what to do. Give it jobs to do. It always wants to work — always. (Am I right?) So flow with it, just make sure it’s working for you. Also: Watch my video on reprogramming your subconscious mind. You set the tone. If anxious thoughts come your way, calm your mind like it’s a child. “Hey. You know you’re always going to be ok. Let’s redirect that energy into taking the actions we need to take.” You set the tone for yourself, for your life, and for your success. Remember that number that you gave yourself earlier? You want to try to get that number up as high as you can. Ask yourself how you can bump it up to the next level, and keep improving it once step at a time. Changing your thoughts takes time and consistency, so don’t expect overnight success. It’s something that will help teach you self compassion — because you have to be so patient and so consistent with yourself before you see results — but you do see results. xx Magnetic Mama

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