Why Visualizations Work & Can Change Your Life

visualization for empaths

Your imagination is a reality simulator.

Why do I say this?

It’s true: Your entire reality is based on the way your mind and body are wired.

You can create a scenario in your mind and your body experiences it as real.

Whenever your body experiences something as real, it records it… It etches it into your unconscious, strengthening the connections between specific neural pathways that are used whenever that thing is experienced.

Your wiring is your reactionary responses — automatic thoughts, automatic emotional responses. They are the most familiar to you. They are your strongest neutral connections (which, by the way, get fired off automatically before you’re even consciously aware of the response you’re making).

For many of us, what’s most familiar is actually uncomfortable. It could be anxiety, it could be dread, it could feel like you’re in a prison. You keep strengthening these bad neural connections because you’re dealing with the life you’ve manifested based on the blueprint of that wiring. As within, so without.

So you’ve got all these triggers out here you’re manifesting — negative people, bad news, bad environments — that you react to. And as you react, you reinforce the wiring of your nervous system.

So it’s a catch-22.


When you take time every day to close your eyes, tune out the outside world and use your imagination to simulate a different reality… Each time you make THAT reality more familiar to your nervous system.

With your imagination, you have the power to introduce your nervous system to a reality of excitement, bliss, ecstasy… When you take time to daydream each day, you start to notice it. You develop a greater space between you and your automatic reactions to things.

You start to question your responses… And an entire shift happens in a ripple effect, where you start looking differently at your external reality, so what you’re looking at ends up changing.

That’s where daydreaming meets quantum physics. Use your imagination as the godsend that it is. Never, ever think it’s a waste of time.

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