UNSTOPPABLE: Reprogram your subconscious, end self sabotage and create the life you desire in this 12 week online course


Reprogram your subconscious, end self sabotage and create the life you desire in this 12 week online course.

Are you tired of trying to make lasting changes in your life and being continually disappointed? Do you find yourself complaining about obstacles that keep popping up and blocking you every time? Are you failing to take consistent action steps you know you need to take?

This training course is for people who’ve decided it’s time to get off the hamster wheel and make the necessary changes internally to transform from the inside out.

FACT: We use only around 10 percent of our brain consciously, while the majority of our brain is functioning subconsciously on processes we’re unaware of.

What is the subconscious mind doing behind our backs?

Your subconscious mind is creating the entire reality you live in. You’re creating the reality you feel just “happens” to you — or worse, victimizes you. Even the realities you hate about your experience are realities you’ve created subconsciously.

The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. This data is what I call “programming.” The purpose of all this is so programs can run on “autopilot” and give you the ability to focus on something else. Your subconscious learns from your conscious experiences so that it can repeat them and save you the time it takes to go through the conscious thought processes you went through the first time.

Many of these “autopilot” programs were created in childhood, when the subconscious was extremely impregnable and impressionable. It was writing programs for the first time instead of overwriting them — what I call “reprogramming.”

When we sabotage ourselves in life by not showing up for ourselves or not being motivated for the right things for us, there’s something in our storage of “autopilot” programs that aren’t working in our favor the way they’re supposed to.

In my personal experience, I’ve hacked my “autopilot” programming and proven that anyone can transform into an optimist, a wealth builder, a person who truly loves themselves, or whatever they choose.

For the first several years of my adult life, the malware programming from my childhood manifested so many obstacles that were thrown at me. I finally learned that I’d manifested them because they were a vibrational match to how I felt — or rather, how I’d been trained to feel: trapped, powerless and victimized.

The solution was to retrain myself. I didn’t know how long it would take to see results or if I would be able to stop sabotaging my progress long enough to see those results. But I clinged to every bit of inspiration I could find — the biggest source of inspiration being the thought that if others did it, I could too. If you want to hear my full story of how I transformed my life by reprogramming my subconscious, click here.

You can’t count on the world around you to keep you in a positive emotional state and a fearless, limitless mindset. You need a radical break in the patterns you’re all too used to. That’s what this course is. I’ve designed this course to be used over a period of 12 weeks so that you can consistently feed your mind with proven and tested knowledge on habit creation and hold yourself accountable to implementing the practices and skills you learn.

Unstoppable is designed to nip self sabotage in the bud and guide you through the process of transforming yourself and your life 180 degrees. In the course of 12 weeks you will:

  • Learn how to manage your emotional state so that it never has to master you.
  • Rewire the way you respond to stress.
  • Pinpoint limiting beliefs and shed light on the exact patterns of sabotage holding you back.
  • Reprogram major beliefs about yourself and your life so that you can start taking truly inspired action with less resistance than ever.
  • Set goals that will fulfill you and create the most effective plans for achieving them.

Everything that I do now is possible because of me being in a state that allows me to be resilient, balanced and motivated. That’s my inner world.
This course focuses not only on transforming your inner world. Not only on taking action in your outer world. But doing both, because they work together, and lasting happiness and fulfillment is dependent on the change you want to see in both your inner and outer experience. You’re not just reprogramming with “i love myself” stuff but also your actual goals and desires for the existence you want to experience here. To me, that is self love expressed and actualized.