Twitter Smart: Branding and Selling on Twitter The Smart Way

twitter marketing


What Will I Learn?

  • How to expose your brand’s message to over 1000 new relevant people each day using Twitter, Hootsuite & Crowdfireapp
  • Twitter growth strategies that build a genuine community fast
  • How to create authentic content that gets engagement, builds authority & pitches  products/services
  • How to convert sales using Direct Messages
  • Tweak your profile to best highlight your brand’s message


  • Computer literacy
  • Internet access
  • Have a Twitter account


Twitter is home to some of the most famous conversations (and 140 character monologues) in today’s media world.

In this course, I teach you how to:

  • Hack your Twitter account’s growth
  • Gain relevant followers on a daily basis
  • Develop your voice and your brand’s authority on Twitter
  • Raise awareness to your products and services effectively and sell without begging
  • Convert more sales through your Tweets and Direct Messages
  • Use free & paid tools to save time on Twitter and create an autopilot marketing scheme


Inside the course, I use my own Twitter account to show you:

  • My Twitter marketing practices and tips that have drove the most engagement and sales.
  • How I went from 7k to 35k Twitter followers in 1 year using Crowdfireapp.
  • How I make passive income by scheduling & rescheduling Tweets on Hootsuite.
  • How to be authentic and build relationships with your audience.


Curriculum for this Course

Course Intro

Module 1: Why promote your brand and products on Twitter?

Module 2: Twitter marketing mindset (3 B’s)

Module 3: Optimize your Twitter account for conversion

Module 4: Content creation

Module 5: Hootsuite for scheduling and publishing content on Twitter

Module 6: Using Crowdfire app to grow your Twitter following fast

Module 7: Get targeted Twitter followers by curating, following back and using hashtags

Module 8: Using Twitter Direct Messages to convert sales