The Trauma of Waking up to Narcissistic Abuse

The zombie state of narcissistic abuse for an empath is hope.

The shadow aspect of hope: the false, illusory kind. It can be a great coping mechanism, though, which kicks in naturally along with other dissociation patterns, during the occurrence of long-term trauma. This type of hope reflects a disconnect or even denial of reality — a reality too upsetting to look at on a daily basis.

There’s the traumas incurred from the narcissist’s mind games, emotional manipulation and overt abuse. To wake up and realize that this person really doesn’t love you, care about you or want to change their behavior toward you, is a whole other trauma. You finally see the patterns objectively and internalize that this is abusive and this person doesn’t care.

Now you know there’s no hope for the relationship. Being no-contact with two narcissistic parents, I admit that I don’t know where I’d be now, if I didn’t know certain metaphysical truths.

My interest in intuitive knowing and spiritual growth is what prompted me to become a spiritual coach and offer intuitive readings. Without some anchor in the nonphysical thanks to this perspective, I wouldn’t have reached the level I’ve gotten to in my healing from narcissistic abuse. (Characterized largely by “letting go,” which by the way, will never make sense to the ego).

Just knowing that my soul was on a purposeful journey and my higher self was ultimately in charge… made a huge difference. That’s not to say I didn’t have it rough. I went through complex-PTSD, sometimes severely. But this is why I love doing my best to bring the spiritual aspect of healing to my clients.

When it comes to healing… it works. Why? Because psychology only deals with the ego: the individual self, separate from all others. But in truth, this is just one aspect of self. An important aspect, but a limited one.

An empath is most likely healing generations of karma and chunks of collective pain. At a certain point in expanding one’s awareness, psychology no longer sees the whole picture of their experiences. As spiritual beings we’re connected to all people.

Empaths more than anyone can sense that we’re truly one soul in many different bodies, all acting as mirrors to each other. Those aware of the holographic nature of the universe know that everything is you. Your soul is here for experiences, and each one is purposeful and useful for soul advancement. Knowing the spiritual truth that “nothing is as it seems” here in this physical reality opens your mind to look deeper.

All these things have helped me tremendously in healing without the mind getting in the way. I’m not saying use spiritual information to dissociate from reality; but rather, use spiritual truths to help anchor you in a more self-serving perspective of your reality.

Narcissistic abuse┬áblurs the boundaries of the self. It leaves one having to rebuild their sense of self while detoxing self-sabotaging programs. Part of finding and reconstructing one’s sense of self must include the connection to something higher or bigger than the ego, because intuitively we sense this to be the case — and only our thoughts and beliefs can suppress this knowing.

In my Narcissistic Abuse Recovery coaching and class hybrid program, I do break down the psychology of building up your ego boundaries, what to do to stop people pleasing, etc. But, my goal is to also offer a more holistic aspect based on my spiritual journey and experience with narcissistic abuse.

One of the 8 modules in this class is on transcending victim consciousness, which I believe many get stuck at because they’re missing the spiritual connection to something bigger: to a larger narrative than the microself.

We can discuss your spiritual growth in the private coaching sessions you get as part of joining this class. I am open to discussing tactics in dealing with narcissists and life situations, as well as providing spiritual insights as I would in an intuitive reading.

One of the ways I’ve been able to help students of this class is to shed light on the intuitive healing processes playing out in them that they weren’t aware of. The trauma of waking up to narcissistic abuse stirs a response at the soul level to heal what was suppressed in the emotional body.

A wake-up call like this ignites healing on the unconscious level, which manifest in every aspect of your experience. Becoming aware of these manifestations and tracing them back to the source is like grabbing your higher self’s hand as it reaches out!!

I can help you get a clearer picture of what’s happening at the soul level of these experiences that have caused so much pain, so that you can advance forward in your healing process by working with your higher self and avoiding self sabotage. In this class you get 30 video lessons with discussion prompts for the class member chat under each video. You have the option to bundle it with one or two Skype coaching session with me (see options below).

If you’re ready to confront your healing and self-expansion journey head on, I would love for this program to be a part of your recovery process. Click here to read more about the class, or choose an option below.

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