The Power of Your Womb

Hello beautiful ladies, mamas and anyone else reading this article on the power of the woman’s womb.

We hold our creative life force energy in our wombs
We hold our creative life force energy in our wombs

I’m lead to write this article because most of us as women don’t know our true power or potential. I’m not calling us victims, nor am I saying we’re not doing enough. I’m just pointing out the fact that most women are unconscious to the power of their wombs.

As women, we hold most of our life force in our pelvic area. The predominantly masculine (yang energy) way of thinking and doing things which society has promoted to us since birth has caused us to move away from our seats of power and dwell in illusions of the mind. If we were aware of our powerhouse of life force energy in our bodies, which we can tap into for divine wisdom, nurturing love and unlimited abundance, then we could begin to understand our true power.

We can use imaginative creativity to manifest our desires through the power of our wombs.
We can use imaginative creativity to manifest our desires through the power of our wombs.

Children create grandiose dreams, fantasies and visions of our futures. As we grow up, we’re told what is possible and what’s not for us, our thoughts slowly turn into hardened belief systems, and our dreams become more mundane. We stop planning our futures based on our imaginations and start “taking doses of reality.” In our masculine energy dominant societies this means working our way into various established systems and industries that cut off our natural flow of creativity.

In our natural, authentic state, we are creators. We are creating right now, whether we know it or not. The point is, women don’t need to get a 9 to 5 job, if we don’t want to. If we believe we need to, we definitely don’t understand ourselves. The true power inside us remains dormant.

Through our wombs, we manifest our lives on this physical dimension. All our thoughts are brought down from the mind and into the womb to go into physical manifestation. Our wombs are creation machines!

When we're in tune with our wombs we're in tune with nature and our authentic selves.
When we’re in tune with our wombs we’re in tune with nature and our authentic selves.

Consider this. A zygote, which is a single-cell organism, becomes a human being made of five trillion cells, without us having to think about it. We don’t have to think about it for our reality to be created, either. Your womb is a portal that simply allows creation to spawn. It’s just what it does! This is the nature of feminine energy. It’s not forceful. It’s nurturing and allowing of what is.

What does this mean for me, you ask? Whatever energies your mind and your heart space put out in your electromagnetic field, your womb allowing nurtures into creation on the physical plane.

If you’re conscious about the thoughts your womb is nurturing, you can create your reality consciously. Because it corresponds with one of the slowest vibrating chakras, the womb ends up having to deal with some of the worst thoughts and emotions we allow into our space. We can store suppressed negative feelings in our wombs that block our divine awareness. Becoming aware of these negative thoughts and emotions will help us to purify our wombs and move past them.

That doesn’t necessarily mean this purification process is a mental science that requires strenuous effort. Simply by moving into our bodies we can allow the natural healing process to begin on its own. Moving our awareness into our bodies allows us to purify the heart space — which generates more electromagnetic energy than our brains. With a pure heart free of blockages that prevent us from being our authentic selves, the womb will only have love and abundance to nurture, and its creations will reflect your heart’s pure desires.

For women, our life-force energy is housed in the sacred womb between our lovely hips.
For women, our life-force energy is housed in the sacred womb between our lovely hips.

Our natural state is love and abundance. Our wombs are receptive to our own energy. It’s not about using our womb to get to where we want to be… It’s about removing constrictions on yourself and allowing yourself to be your authentic self.

If you want to change your life, your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself, it’s time to become aware of the power of your womb. It’s creating your reality based on everything you feed it.

When we fill our heart space with love, the womb creates out of love. ♥


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