Spiritual Awakening: 12 Symptoms and Signs of Spiritual Awakening

signs of spiritual awakeningThese are many of the experiences one goes through in the process of spiritual awakening. The process can be slower and even seriously blocked by resistance when you don’t know that what you’re going through is actually a frequency shift. In this article I want to bring light to the spiritual underpinnings of confusing experiences you may be going through on your journey to higher levels of consciousness.

More or less in order, here’s what happens:

1: The fourth dimension starts to permeate your awareness.

You start to catch glimpses of what you previously thought was paranormal, maybe something you see, or maybe you have a gut feeling or unexplainable “knowing” that turns out to be accurate. Things happen once in awhile that pierce the veil a bit.


2: You have instances that make you question your reality.

Such instances could be recurring deja vous… Feeling like time is speeding up… Synchronicities (events happening in your life that seem like they can’t be a coincidence, but there’s no human logical explanation for them, it’s as though they’re God-given).

Whereas before you felt like a doll in a dollhouse in this world, you’re starting to feel that you may be the doll and the dollhouse because your perception of reality bends with your mind.


3: You develop a sudden interest in topics that go beyond the mundane…

…such as: learning about your chakras, how your subconscious mind works, or perhaps about previously “taboo” topics like crop circles, conspiracy theories and astrology. Whatever catches your interest, you weren’t interested in before, and it now seems mysteriously interesting.


4: Physical changes, or “ascension symptoms”

These symptoms can be waves of fatigue and flu-like symptoms, especially body aches. Mental fog, a feeling of heaviness, dizziness and disorientation. They seem to correspond with jumps or growth spurts in your level of conscious awareness as you expand your mind; your body has to shift with you. On a subtle level, your body is shifting to be able to handle a higher influx of high-vibrational light energy.


5: Feeling energy in your body

  • pulses or pressures in your head and between your eyebrows
  • feeling energy sparks like electricity zaps in your spine, head or other areas
  • feeling energy move around the body, such as up and down the spine or around the crown of the head


6: Rapid, sudden change in your reality, like your world does a 180 flip.

Your worse-case scenarios may happen and your worse fears appear in your face. You experience anxiety, which can intensify and manifest as panic attacks. You may feel like you’re going crazy. Things may happen in your life that SEEM absolutely CRAZY! Everyone in your life may mysteriously turn against you. And you’re like “what the heck is happening?” Nothing is the same; it’s like now more than ever, there’s no going back to your previous life.

With your elevated level of awareness, your physical world shifted to reveal the inner roots of problems and put them in your face. So that you can heal the energy blockages within you and realign your life, your physical world, with your new self that is now integrated with higher level awareness and is a clearer expression of your soul.


7: You become hypersensitive to your thoughts and feelings.

Negative emotions that used to be manageable or negligible are now felt very strongly and intensely. Negative thoughts that come up impulsively are heard, whereas they were more easily tuned out before. Your awareness has increased, and you’re now more aware of negativity playing out on the subtle levels within you.

You may be easily triggered and feel like your emotions and thoughts are uncontrollable. You’re adjusting to this new level of sensitivity, and it feels crazy at first. You don’t have the tools to deal with it. You’re just at the stage of becoming aware of it, and your job from there is to reprogram yourself. Before you were unaware of what needed reprogramming, you were just a slave to it.

This heightened sensitivity also manifests in how you react to the world around you. You may become very upset by problems in the environment and in society, and feel more anger, sadness, etc for people suffering than before.


8: You see through deception.

You read through the lines and it’s harder to fool you. You lose interest in watching certain things you used to watch on TV or through other media, because it feels too fake or useless. You see through people’s facades and social masks and find them harder to interact with than before. You crave interactions with people who don’t use social masks and exude authenticity.


9: Disillusionment

You feel little certainty regarding who you are, what you can rely on and why you’re here. You feel more alone in your perception of the world and your outer reality seems to clash with your newfound inner expansion. You’re at the point where you’ve had an internal shift that hasn’t yet fully manifested in the external world. Nothing in your life seems to make sense, and life does not feel business as usual… it feels unsettling and can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression.


10: You’re forced to cut ties with certain people in your life.

As your vibrational frequency increases, not everyone is comfortable with your new energy. Often they’ll find ways to disappear from your life. Or, they may work to stay in your life as an energy vampire, in which case you have to cut them off yourself.


11: You may also have to make some changes in your life regarding your career or where you live

As your energy shifts, your physical environment and your interaction with it has to change as well. When you try to hold onto your old ways of doing things, it becomes harder and harder to motivate yourself and you end up feeling extremely drained and unfulfilled.


12: You can no longer live in a fear-based mindset.

You become less and less motivated by fear and more motivated by higher desires and the need to co-create your experience. After somewhat of an “ego death,” plus getting more of a sense for how your perception creates your reality, you can no longer motivate yourself through fear and guilt.

You want to pursue higher passions and work to eliminate any remaining blockages (old programming) holding you back from making this your reality. As you work toward pursuing your passion, you’re getting the hang of taking inspired action from a high vibrational place – and sometimes when this feeling isn’t found, it causes disillusionment because neither fear nor inspiration seems to motivate you.


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