Subconscious Blockage & Self-Sabotage

Can you take your own advice?

I’m a person who likes to give advice to people when asked. And I like to think I give good advice. But that doesn’t mean people want to take it.

This made me realize that the way I conducted my own life didn’t match the quality of advice I was able to give other people.

Even though I know how best to overcome my struggles, that doesn’t mean I put myself on that path.

subconscious sabotageSo sometimes I look at different aspects of my life and of myself, and think, what advice would I give me, if I were a friend? And the advice I come up with is good, but I often don’t want to hear it, and I ignore it.

I know I’m not the only person, so, why is this?

If you can’t take your own advice, you have a blockage. A blockage is a self sabotaging subconscious program. A program in your subconscious mind that blocks you whenever you want to succeed and achieve your desire.

So how did this blockage, this program, get there?


These programs most likely were written when you were a child. They could have come from your parents, other adults, peers, school, or a traumatic experience. The way our brains develop and make connections, whenever there’s a negative experience, that experience gets hardwired into our brains and it becomes a filter through which we see the world.

For example, let’s say that when you were in high school, you were really into dance, but your parents wanted you to focus on school. They believed you would never be a dancer. You continued to dance without their approval, and you believed that whenever you achieved something like won a competition or got hired for a music video or something, you would win their approval. But whenever you succeeded, you didn’t get their approval. You only got another slap on the wrist; they said, “just focus on school, this is distracting you from your future.”

Now your whole concept of success is messed up and it’s hard for you to distinguish success from failure, because you were punished for your success.

The brain doesn’t think for itself. It’s conditioned. The brain wires itself based on experiences, thoughts and emotions, in order to help you avoid trauma. In that example I just gave, the brain thinks that when you succeed, you’re going to be punished.

This is just one example of how someone can come up against subconscious sabotage. And they could go on to try and be successful in pursuing another career or pursuing another creative venture, but they come up against obstacles, can’t motivate themselves, are paralyzed by fear, or they can’t give it their best because deep down they’re afraid of success and they don’t even know it.

overcome self sabotage

So if you’re resistant to taking your own advice that you would give a friend, remind yourself that your advice is benevolent. The reason you can’t take your advice is because of blockage, because of a trauma in the past. So you have to take that step to stop repeating the cycle of self sabotage, and take your own advice.

But, it took me a while to even become aware that I wouldn’t take my own advice. So I had to start asking myself all the time when I was struggling with depression or anxiety or challenges in my life: what advice would I give a friend? And it was always the most loving, caring and compassionate advice that was for my highest good.


You do intuitively know what’s best for you and how to be the greatest version of yourself. So advising yourself as if you were advising a friend is a loophole for getting around self sabotage, as well as for spotting it so that you can release that program.

Leave a comment and let me know how you’ve dealt with self sabotage in your life. I think it’s a really interesting topic that not enough people are looking at, because it is incredibly life changing.


magnetic mama(Magnetic Mama)

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