Seeing 11:11 and Recurring Numbers (111, 222, 333, etc)

seeing 11:11Many people ask me, why do I keep seeing 11:11 all the time? What does it mean?

Maybe you’re seeing 11:11 so frequently, to the point you feel like it can’t be a coincidence. Your head might even move, you look up and see 11:11 without any conscious thought to look at the time or anything.

People have expressed different interpretations for why so many around the world are seeing 11:11 all the time. Some have said it’s caused by E.T.s, others say it’s a message from the universe that your consciousness is elevating.

For me, I feel that 11:11 is a play in the collective consciousness to throw some of us off. For those already channeling higher frequencies in our unconscious (in a sense we are the E.T.s), 11:11 pops up when we aren’t paying attention. It’s an “inception.”

It’s to get us to notice, in that eerie moment of feeling it can’t be a coincidence, that our reality breathes as a living mirror of our consciousness… that it has all along been like this. It gives us the chance to see that the more we put attention on something, the more it pops up in our external reality.

I think the collective higher self wants us to use 11:11 to help wake us up to the synchronicity that exists in our reality as a language we can¬†read to look back at ourselves and at the direction we’re going in.

As for seeing recurring numbers, like seeing 777 everywhere, people have also assigned different meanings to different number sequences for people’s interpretation. I believe we associate or discover our own meaning to every recurring number that enters our life.

This is the next step I think our higher selves lay out as intuition training for us. 

After you’ve acknowledged and felt the reality of synchronicity from the 11:11 phenomena, which is how it starts for many, the next step is to pay attention to associations we have to these numbers so you can recognize patterns.spiritual coaching

Everything in reality is patterned. That goes for physical manifestations that seem “random,” as well as thought patterns.

Notice what thoughts you’re having when you notice a recurring number. Notice what you’re doing at the time. Look for themes and common denominators. The more you engage, the more you learn the language of your reality.


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