Reprogram Your Mind: 21 Day Training Course

If you’re tired of trying to make lasting changes in your life and continually being disappointed, I’ve designed this training course for YOU.

Do you find yourself complaining about obstacles that keep popping up and blocking you? Are you failing to take consistent action steps that you know you need to take? Are you frustrated each time you slip back into old bad habits?

This course is for people who’ve decided it’s time to get off the hamster wheel and make the necessary changes internally to create a real transformation, from the inside out.

What does reprogramming your mind have to do with changing your life?


You’ve heard it: we use only around 10 percent of our brain consciously, while the majority of our brain is functioning subconsciously on processes we’re unaware of.

What is the subconscious mind doing behind our backs?

Your subconscious mind is creating the entire reality you live in. You’re creating the reality you feel just “happens” to you or worse, victimizes you. Even the realities you hate about your experience are realities you’ve created subconsciously.

Your subconscious is the most intricate and powerful machine in the world. Nonetheless, it works the same way all machines work. An input goes in, and an output comes out.  The inputs that go into the subconscious are what I call “programming.”

Programming is everywhere – what you see, smell, hear, taste, touch. Every thought you think and information bit you learn. Your subconscious records it all. However, what make the largest impact on the subconscious are the emotions you feel.

Under the Law of Attraction, which governs reality, our emotional state is the most powerful magnet that attracts our experiences to us.

That includes not just things and people in the physical world, but also our thoughts… our mindset, which in turn dictates what we do and don’t do with our lives. So here’s the bottom line:


I know that shifting your internal state can sound intimidating. 

It may be something you’ve tried to do before, but it didn’t last. Maybe it was painful for you to return to old negative states after having been filled with hope.

Trust me, I tried to shift myself several times using all kinds of information I’d learned, before I successfully transformed my mindset and emotional baseline for the long-term.

Now I understand that your mindset is built on one thing: HABITS.

Macro-habits and micro-habits. Habits like the automatic reactions we have to things. Plus, habits we can create that direct our minds and bodies where we want them to go.

I’ve personally learned that you can hack your automatic response mechanism and transform yourself into an optimist, a successful wealth builder, a person who truly loves themselves, or whatever it is you want to become. You just have to create habits that sustain your momentum in the right direction, and you have to create thought habits that enforce empowering beliefs.

You can’t count on the world around you to keep you in a positive, fearless mindset. But I’ve designed this course to be your guide over a period of 21 days so that you can consistently feed your mind with proven and tested knowledge on habit creation that, IF APPLIED, will transform your life.

Are you ready to hit the ground running??

Here are the skills you’ll learn in this training course:

  • How to meditate, including several different methods for clearing and focusing your mind.
  • How to use affirmations and subliminal programming to reprogram your mind.
  • How to create a morning routine that boosts energy and gets your day started on the right note.
  • What to do before bed to wake up in an optimal state.
  • How to ask yourself the right questions that shift your mental focus to a positive, productive place.
  • How to use gratitude to create a vortex of positivity and manifest your wants and needs.
  • How to change your vocabulary so that you affect your emotions and thoughts positively instead of negatively when you communicate with others and yourself.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the major psychological patterns that enable negative thought processes, including personalizing, filtering, polarizing, emotional reasoning, catastrophizing and blaming, so that you become self aware of your mental habits instead of being subjected to them.
  • How to pinpoint limiting beliefs that are holding you being from being productive, successful and brimming with love for your life.
  • How to instill positive beliefs that overwrite limiting ones and propel you to take inspired, life-changing action on a consistent basis.

What you’ll accomplish in 21 days:

  • 10 minute meditations for 21 days.
  • Commit to healthy diet and exercise habits that keep you grounded in well-being.
  • Create morning and night-time rituals that prepare you for a positive, productive day.
  • Create affirmations tailored to you that will reprogram your mind.
  • Identify the negative thought patterns you’re dealing with and the psychological constructs that allow them to persist in your mind.
  • Reprogram major beliefs about yourself and your life so that you can start taking truly inspired action with less resistance than ever.



The training course includes an e-book and a workbook.

There are 21 chapters in the book so that there’s one chapter for you to read each day.

For every day that you read, there’s a corresponding exercise for you to tackle in the workbook so that you can immediately apply what you learn.


This course doesn’t just provide information. It challenges you every day to take action, and holds you accountable to it. You’re also given several suggestions on how to hold yourself accountable for your goals and positive habits. I created this course as a practical guide based on years of working on myself and narrowing down what works. It includes all the techniques I still use today.


Get the course now! It’s an instant download! You can start right away.

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