Remember Your Dreams

Hello beloveds! I could share so much about dreaming, learning from your dreams and using the dream state to connect deeper with yourself. I hope to do so in future videos! I just wanted to scratch the surface on this big topic through this video. dream-3 I realized the best place to start is with dream recall. How can you learn from your dreams or use the dream state consciously if you can’t remember any dreams? Being able to remember your dreams better means having more consciousness (awareness) while you’re asleep. In my other videos I’ve talked about raising your frequency. Going to bed at a higher frequency will allow you to stay in a higher level of awareness through the night. So here are a few tips on raising your frequency at night to improve your dream recall. It will take time, so be patient in this process!

  1. Change your diet. The best thing you can eat for improved dream recall is fresh organic fruit. It doesn’t take much prana to digest it, and it gives you the most prana out of all foods. You want to cut out as many toxins as possible, and meat. Low vibrating energy from foods will come with you in the dream world. If you do remember your dreams they will not take place on higher planes. However, toxic foods take prana for your body to digest and detox them, so it’s harder to be at a higher level of awareness while you sleep.
  2. Meditate before sleeping. Take at least 20 minutes to relax your body and try to let go of attachments in the mind. When you associate with negative thinking you lower your frequency. Deep breathing, yoga, relaxation techniques and basic meditation can help you relax and let go. If you fall asleep thinking about your worries and troubles, you will take these low vibrating thought forms into the dream world.
  3. Keep a dream journal. Write down everything you can remember in as much detail as you can when you wake up. This trains you to remember your dreams more vividly.

Peace  。◕‿◕。

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