Visualizations that Raise Your Frequency

visualizations that raise your frequencyYour imagination is more than a canvas for ideas and visions. What you imagine in your mind is actually what you’re experiencing in your nervous system.

So your imagination is real in the sense that it simulates reality. That which exists as unseen in the mental realm is assimilated by the body — and this is both an incredibly powerful tool, as well as our potential demise.

You’re creating events on the mental plane just like you’re creating events on the physical plane. So…healing for empaths

Fantasizing and day dreaming are actually manifestation techniques because they program the manifestation of your reality. When you create a strong manifestation in the astral plane by imagining it over and over again with emotion, it becomes so strong in the astral plane that it manifests into the physical, it expands in other words.

When you’re day dreaming about something…

You’re putting more awareness on it. So by law of attraction you’re coming into alignment with it. If you put your awareness on something long enough it mirrors back at you from the universe, the manifestations around you.

Thus, if you can control the point of your focus…

you can control what you’re manifesting in your reality.

Try these visualization exercises to help you transmute low-frequency energy blocks and raise your vibration:

  1. Create places in your imagination, such as the perfect nature scene or paradise, or anywhere you would love to be. It could be someplace specific you want to manifest. Closing your eyes and envisioning yourself being in these places makes you feel positive, desirable feelings. This gets your mind and body vibrationally aligned with living in an environment you love; not only that, but also it has immediate effects on your mood, as though you’d been “transported” to the location you imagined. The more sensory detail you can add, the better.visualization
  2. Imagine a guru shadowing you at all times like a spirit guide. Imagine him or her giving you advice whenever you need it. This trains you to tap into your higher wisdom and internal guidance system and raises your vibration dramatically.
  3. Imagine your current self as the future version of your who’s achieved your current long-term goals. What would the future you say to you? What would you ask? How would you spend your day together?

how to do visualizations

These are some I came up with, but you can come up with your own things to imagine and day dream about. The key to knowing if it’s working is if it makes you feel good and eager and excited about your desire. If it makes you feel frustrated, impatient or hopeless, then that imagining is not assisting you.

For more visualization exercises to balance your energy and maintain “energetic hygiene” as an empath, check out my online class, Energy Rituals for Empaths — a collection of over 40 videos I made over several months, all containing vital, life-changing training for empaths!

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