How to Raise Your Emotional Baseline

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Emotions pervade our experience of life. They’re physiological — they’re hormones, they’re peptides, they’re the limbic system. They’re also inseparable from thoughts and our psychology of how we see the world.

I used to feel anxious and depressed by default. 

In that state, you want some miracle to happen. You want your higher self or an angelic being to appear before you, hug you and beam rays of light from its heart into yours, that make you ecstatic and fill you up with the energy it takes to live purposefully on this planet.

That never happened to me. But, something better happened. Out of nothing… from no one outside myself… I raised my emotional baseline. I changed the way I feel by default.

How did I do it?

I reprogrammed my physiology and my thoughts — the two main parts of being human that are charged with emotional energy.

We often forget it’s possible to feel good without having a reason to. A “reason” is just an external circumstance or event that makes us react in a feel-good way.

Shouldn’t the internal event of feeling bad be a reason enough to feel good?

The more you consciously create good feelings within yourself with no external reason, the more you train this to be your automatic emotional baseline. Simple as that — it’s how I reprogrammed myself.


How do you create a good feeling when it conflicts with how you really feel?heal from depression

If your roommate was feeling down, you would tell them, “hey just do Yoga with Adrienne; you always feel better after that.”

But you can’t take that sort of advice yourself because you don’t feel like it. You just feel like stewing in your negative feelings. And eating junk food. Which makes you feel even worse.

Why do you do this?

Because that’s your programming. Simple as that. It’s a trained, automatic reaction to a feeling state.

What if your automatic reaction was to do 5 minutes of breathing exercises that radically shift your physiology?

What if it was to release your emotions in a journal and then meditate, til your negative thoughts transform into self-empowering insights?

Life changing.

The time you spent in slumps would be drastically reduced, and you would be able to make yourself feel good so often and so easily that your emotional baseline would climb the vibrational ladder.


How do you reprogram?

Luckily, I have a this huge hack when it comes to reprogramming your mind.

Enter: the morning routine.

The fastest way to reprogram your entire state of being is to create and commit to a morning routine that raises your frequency.

reprogram your mindHere’s why this is a huge hack that will build momentum in reprogramming yourself faster than anything else. When you first wake up in the morning, your consciousness is transitioning out of sleep. You know this — your mind isn’t quite “all there” when you first open your eyes. You’re not fully conscious, which is why you might make unconscious decisions… like hitting the snooze button. Or turning off your alarm when it goes off. Then later you’re like… “what was I thinking? I didn’t really want to do that. I hardly even remember doing it.”

Since you’re not 100% conscious, that means your subconscious mind is more activated than in your normal awake state. Your subconscious mind is your autopilot: your automatic reactions you want to reprogram.

What else do we know about the subconscious mind? It’s highly impressionable to new programming, like a child. When you first wake up in the morning, this is a state you want to take advantage of!!

But the truth is, you’re already using this state…. for better or worse.

The first thoughts you think + the first emotional state you feel in the morning = what you program your day with.

Think about what your first 10 minutes in the morning are like. Are they filled with frowns and grumpy thoughts?

This state of consciousness — where you’re somewhere between sleeping and waking — is a super time to program your mind with wonderful thoughts because there’s less resistance to new programming. Anything you feed your mind with in this state will stick deeper into your subconscious.

When you program yourself while in a fully conscious state, you have to use repetition and emotion to really penetrate into the subconscious. But in the 10 minutes or so after waking up, you have direct access to programming the subconscious. It’s like putting programs… frequencies… into it directly.

What should you do first thing in the morning to program your frequency for the day?

Anything that makes you feel great! Physically and mentally — because both create your emotional experience.

how to feel betterYou could do something by the book, like a downward dog, a meditation or some deep breathing exercises. These are proven to release feel-good biochemicals and improve your mood.

Or, you could do something like playing your favorite music and dancing around like a crazy person. You could smile. (How many people do that in the first 10 minutes of waking up?)

For me, affirmations work amazingly in the morning. I’m a language oriented person, so that may be why they make me feel super great.

Whatever you do, let the feeling guide you. Your feelings tell you how high your vibration is. The higher it is, the more you’re raising your emotional baseline.

Do this every single morning, and you build incredible momentum within you, incredibly fast.

To learn more about emotional management and reprogramming your mind for happiness in a span of just 21 days, try out my transformational online training: Reprogram Your Mind in 21 Days. In 21 days I’ll teach you how to meditate and how to use other self-awareness techniques to gain control of your own mind. Plus, more reprogramming hacks to create solid positive beliefs about yourself and your world that nothing … or no one…  can fuck with.

If your mind gets away with spewing thoughts that make you feel terrible, I encourage you to look into this course. The same mind can make you feel amazing, if it only knew how. 

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