Radical Self-Acceptance

When awareness is shed on much of the mental “craziness,” it becomes apparent that the mind dwells on who it believes you are. Freud called this mind-constructed self the “ego,” and in spiritual circles we’ve adopted the term to refer to this “false self” that lives only in the imagination.

When we observe the ego over time, we come to realize it’s always craving or seeking something. Deep down, it’s never consistently satisfied.

Why is that?

All the anxieties of the mind seem to point back to a desire for love.

Love is acceptance. Love and acceptance are the same frequency. They’re also the opposite of resistance.

The ego is constantly searching, sizing up and calculating: how can I be more accepted? How can I avoid rejection?

It may seem like we crave acceptance from other people. But ultimately, we’re looking for self-acceptance. We may just feel we can only accept ourselves when others accept us. Self-acceptance (which is the same as self-love) is the only cure for the ego’s ongoing saga of suffering and desperation.

How do we accept ourselves?

There are two types of self-acceptance. The first is from a limited perspective. You believe you did something wrong, but you accept yourself anyway. In my opinion, this isn’t full acceptance. From a more transcendent perspective, self-acceptance is where you can’t do wrong in your eyes.

Sounds impossible? Watch the video –>

Thanks as always for tuning in.

Love, Magnetic Mama

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