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The Daily Habit You Need to Manifest Your Dreams & Achieve Your Goals

Are you looking to change your life for the better?

A way to keep your head on straight, and stay focused and clear on your vision so you can CRUSH your goals and manifest ANYTHING you desire with more ease?

Even with this crazy year of being in the midst of a pandemic, I have had my best year yet!

I've grown my personal brand and begun to monetize my blog, and we had the highest revenue in our creative agency company.

I am only sharing this to tell you what is possible when you stop focusing on the outside world, the news, what's happening around you and instead, just have laser beam focus on you, your energy, and what you want to attract.

So let's dive into the daily habits you need to write your own success story!

Daily Writing

This one habit has changed my life and can change yours.

Daily journaling and writing will allow you to:

  • Keep a positive attitude

  • Keep your bigger vision in mind

  • Stay on track with your goals

  • Provide mental clarity

  • Provide self reflection

  • Manifest anything with more ease

Watch the video below to dive in and find out how I use journaling to achieve my goals and become the person I want to be.

What to write about

One question I get a lot is what should you journal about?

If you need some help on daily journaling, I recommend starting off with my free Daily Gratitude Journal. It's designed for people who would like to get into the habit of daily writing & gratitude!

Here's a few different things to journal about:

Journal your gratitude - writing down things you're grateful for will keep you in a positive mood, and allow you to attract more things that you're grateful for... and who doesn't want that?

What you would like to manifest - Keeping your thoughts focused on what you want to happen instead of things you're worried about, will train your subconscious to create the future reality that you desire.

Your to do lists - if you're like me and you're a list person, this is important! If I don't write down lists I will go crazy trying to remember all the things I need to do. Save some time, and brain power by writing things out and you won't have to think about your to do list until it's time to take action.

Idea time & brainstorming - if you'd like to foster more creativity for new ideas in your life, your content, or your business, this is essential. Set aside some time to just sit and write any ideas that come to mind. This is how I come up with what topics I want to talk about in my blog, YouTube channel, or social media! The more you do this, the easier the inspiration comes!

Ask for guidance - If you've got a problem you would like to solve, journaling is a great time to connect with your intuition, Higher Self, Divine, or whatever you'd like to call it! Ask for guidance or for clarity and watch your pen unfold the answers...

How to make it a habit

Journaling can help unlock so many benefits but it will only help you if you stay committed to the practice.

Here are some tips on how to get into the habit of daily writing.

Make it fun

Get some fun and cute writing tools that will make journaling exciting for you!

Check out my Amazon list for journaling notebooks, pens, and highlighters!

Make it part of your routine

Implement a morning or night routine and include journaling into your routine. Give yourself time to write down your gratitude, your to-do's and any brain dump that will give you some mental clarity for the day and during the night.

Check out this blog post to learn how to create the most effective morning routine for you.

Try journal templates

There are tons of journal templates out there for specific needs. You can find them by doing a quick search, or try my free Daily Gratitude Journal Download.

It helps you get into the habit of daily journaling by starting the day with gratitude and intention setting, and ending the day with self reflection. There is even a 30 day challenge calendar to help you stick to the routine for 30 days!

Journaling Fears

For some of you, you might have some resistance against journaling. It might sound silly, but I definitely experienced fears around writing things out!

I was afraid of being open, vulnerable in case anyone were to read my journal.

I was afraid of what would come out, and what my inner thoughts were.

However, I realized the freedom of writing allowed me to get more comfortable with my thoughts. It allowed me to get to know myself better, and to become more in touch with my Higher Self. I was no longer afraid of being vulnerable as I had learned to fully love & accept myself.

Journaling can start you on a journey of self discovery & healing. If you're ready for changes, and ready to start becoming a better version of you, journaling is a great place to start!

If you have any questions or comments, let's get in touch! Comment below or DM me on Instagram @judyrina!

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