Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching

Narcissistic abuse leaves you with emotional wounds and bondage to pain. I’m a survivor of two narcissistic parents and of the internal sabotage that remain afterwards. I’m here as a guide to help in other souls’ awakening from narcissistic abuse. Whether the narcissist is in your past or you’re trying to break free from a narcissist today, I can break down the mind games they play and help you sort through cognitive dissonance and inner conflict.

I can give you suggestions for coping with complex-PTSD symptoms and reprogramming negative beliefs (“malware”) installed in childhood by your narcissistic household. As an intuitive, I can help you understand how narcissistic abuse as a season of your life fits in with your soul’s growth and mission. Everything happens for a reason, and I can help you gain spiritual clarity about what happened, which can help you start to relax and feel more at peace.

Finally, I want to make sure you never enter a relationship with a narcissist again or be a magnet for them, so I get a sense for your boundaries and give you specific ways you can strengthen your personal boundaries according to your personal situation. I’ve found that my experiences and insights have helped many in their recovery from narcissistic abuse, so I wanted to offer this Skype coaching for anyone who feels guided to meet with me. Book a 1 hour session for $60.

30 Minute Skype Session


60 Minute Skype Session