Mind Over Food

It’s not news that the health world is at war with all the damn conflicting information.

Product marketers and sales people distort facts and even downright misinform people about the best diets, the “natural” foods and supplements and the right supplement and detox formulas.

People who just want to improve their health don’t know where to start — go vegan or go paleo? Is fish the most nutritious or most toxic thing you could eat?human energy field

The real problem is: people are so disconnected from their bodies that they don’t know what their body craves in order to be healthy. That’s right, your body knows what it needs in order to heal.

Yes, what foods you put in your body does matter. Not all food vibrates at the same frequency — some lower your frequency and others can raise it.

But — the frequency you hold while cooking, eating and digesting your food is even more important.

If you can generate a high-frequency feeling state (joy, happiness, bliss, tranquility) while cooking or eating your food, that energy is transferred to the food and the body is replenished with more of what it gave out to the universe (the law of reciprocity: what you give, you get more of).quantum energy field

One thing I like to do to instantly create a high-frequency feeling state is think about a happy memory or an amazing fantasy for my future. These things make me feel happy because my imagination takes me there. I’ve been doing this for a long time, so my imagination has become sharper (with more applied focus). If you do this while cooking, not only does your mind relax and your body release stress, but also your food takes on a higher frequency.

Cooking while you’re angry does alter the frequency of the food — which in turn alters digestion and assimilation, and can even alter your emotions.

Never eat when you’re angry, anxious, stressed or upset!! 

You’ll have terrible digestion, you’ll feel sluggish and cranky. Your consciousness transfers energy into the food as you take a bite. If you’re thinking low-frequency thoughts while eating, you’re consuming more low-frequency energy. You’re literally re-consuming your own toxic waste.

Try this for yourself. Transfer high-frequency energy into your foods. When I first noticed the difference, I was blown away by the power of the mind.

Tell me how it goes! Comment below!!

xx Magnetic Mama

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