Manifestation as a Path to Self Love

how to manifest loveI’ve often had people tell me they don’t love themselves, or that they don’t feel like they do. I’ve known this feeling too.

But I discovered a truth. That is: we already naturally love ourselves. Self love is a present-moment feeling that is always available to us, but we don’t always tune into the experience.

When we don’t feel love toward ourselves, it’s because we’ve dissociated from it. That means our minds have suppressed it and directed our energy into thoughts that conflict with self love. Repeated thoughts that harden into subconscious beliefs.

Common beliefs learned in childhood that conflict with the vibration of self love are: “I’m not good enough,” “I hate myself” and “I’m not deserving.”

As these subconscious beliefs play out in the backgrounds of our minds, they create a vibrational filter on our emotional experience. We end up tuning into frequencies of anxiety, depression, deprivation and discontent.

This perpetuates a quest for self love through a dissociated attempt to create the perfect story about ourselves in our minds so we can feel validated and lovable.

How do we get off this hamster wheel?

We don’t need to learn how to love ourselves; we just have to get the mind out of the way and allow ourselves to feel what is already there.

The most important “secret” to manifesting the physical reality you desire is being in touch with how you feel. The way you feel determines whether or not you’re in alignment with your desire; the way you feel now must match the way you want to feel. The ability to discern whether you’re on track with manifesting and to steer yourself back on course when needed all depends on knowing how you’re feeling in each present moment.

Many people who are trying but failing to manifest their desires struggle with dissociation from their feelings. They end up being out of alignment with their desires without knowing it, and then become frustrated when their desires don’t manifest.

When we’re aware of how we feel, that translates to acceptance of our feelings and of ourselves. When we dissociate, we disallow our feelings because we don’t want to accept their presence. We judge our feelings and busy ourselves with mentally constructing and projecting a story about or lives that makes us think we’ve got it all together. We distract ourselves from our feelings, using our minds to take us far from the present-moment feeling.

This emotional suppression creates energetic blockages that cut us off from fresh thoughts, feelings and manifestations. It keeps us in a cycle of stagnation and eventually results in depression when the illusions are no longer convincing enough.

When we accept our feelings, we allow them to flow. The energy is free to transmute and transform. We’re only stuck with negative feelings when we suppress them; not when we allow ourselves to feel them.

So never be afraid of accepting your emotions, no matter how terrible they seem. When you’re unwilling to accept how you feel, you’ll dissociate and won’t be able to use the Law of Attraction because you can’t discern your own vibration relative to the vibration of having what you want.

Accepting the way you feel is an act of solidarity with yourself. No matter how you feel, it is a true act of self love. Denying and suppressing the way you feel is an act of self abandonment.

Whether you want to manifest your desires or develop the feeling of self love within your everyday experience, the path is the same: get in tune with how you’re feeling. When you know, you can do something about it. When needed, you can steer yourself back into being a vibrational match to having your desires fulfilled.

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