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I want to talk to you about an amazing opportunity, which is creating an online course, selling it and profiting from it, all from home, and essentially earning money in your sleep.

People are more likely to get from A to B if they invest in their learning, which forms an energetic bond or a commitment to getting the result they desire.

What you’re giving them is the information packaged into the form that makes most sense. You’re putting yourself in their shoes, like telling a younger version of yourself what it needed to know, what you wish you would have known.

People don’t read the way they used to, let alone value books. What’s valued in today’s digital information economy is exclusive premium-access video courses made by people who’ve accomplished certain things others desire.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to hand-pick your sensei from across the world? With the internet, you can. Your digital mentors can be from around the world, providing you much more than what your 10 mile radius could

Imagine YOU being this person for someone else. Someone you can help, someone who needs to know what you know.

People we look at who are already where we want to be aren’t there because they’re more blessed; ultimately they’re there because they know more than you, and they’ve applied it.

I want to help YOU get as far ahead in the game as possible, which is why I created Let Me Teach: a video training series for teachers and online businesses who want to capitalize on this land grab opportunity in the digital world today, where people are looking for information they can’t find at expensive-ass universities, but information they can afford and that will give them a huge return on investment, as well as return on their time, as compared to something like college.

So if you’re teaching people something like, how to make it as a freelance writer, or how to score the top-paying gigs as a professional babysitter or nanny, you have the opportunity to really help someone set up their life financially, at it would be a phenomenal return on investment for course profits

So you might sell a course like that for a decent amount of money. But even something like training a pet, this is something people pay big money for in person, but if they could shave off just a little time and money by learning it online, or if they don’t have something like that in their area, a pet training course is a great alternative for them.

Everyone knows something, and even if it’s rudimentary knowledge or it’s just raw experience, you can do more research as you put your class together. But ultimately, you’re selling people not just an education on something, but also an educational experience. They want to learn from you because they like you, respect you or identify with you; they want your personal take from experience on the issues that come up in your topic.

So at the end of the day, everyone knows something, a 4th grader is God to a 3rd grader because they have a whole new worldfull of knowledge and experiences, yet they can still speak a 3rd grader’s language. Keep that in mind, you don’t have to be considered a professional at anything in your field to start an online course.

More than anything, you have to have passion and be able to teach with conviction. The rest is all marketing. Your course won’t sell if nobody knows about it.

In my online video training series called Let Me Teach, I walk you through and train you on the entire online course creation process, from the birth of your course idea, to the marketing and selling of your finished product.create and sell online courses

Let me Teach is simple, it contains 7 videos of instructions, plus an intro video and 2 PDFs — 1 is a checklist, the other is a clickable-URL resource list so you can get to different websites and online tools that can help you out in your process.

I do my best to hold your hand through each step, but only tell you what you need to know, only tell you what works, so that you can get the benefit of the time I wasted trying things that didn’t work. I simply instruct you on what to do.

Module 1 is all about coming up with your idea for your course, because you don’t even need to have one to get started, I take you through the process because I believe there’s a course inside of everyone, just like there’s a book inside of everyone, and no two courses are the same.

Module 2 is about outlining and planning your course. You can script your videos word per word and record your screen as you go through slides, or you can speak improv. in front of a camera, there’s different ways to do videos, and it’s all up to you. But I give you the options, and you have my course as an example.

Module 3 is about actually creating your videos, from recording to editing. So this is where you’ll be pausing the course a lot and taking tons of action then coming back to the next steps, unless you decide to watch the whole course first and then go through the course again, which may work well for some people just so you have a firm overview of what all in all needs to get done.

Module 4 walks you through the different ways to publish and host your course, including udemy or doing it on your own website. So don’t be afraid of the tech stuff, because it was a hurdle I had to jump too, and I got your back.

Module 5 is about branding your course and even branding yourself as a teacher. It includes pitching your course, it includes the way your course looks, the images you use, and how you tailor your message to target your prospective students.

Module 6 is about choosing a price and creating a marketing plan. We talk about the psychology of pricing and what should weigh in on your decision making when it comes to pricing. We talk email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and more.

Module 7 is the last video, and it’s about making sure none of the juicy tidbits get missed when it comes to success in online course sales. We talk about using discounts, giving bonuses, using deadlines versus making courses instantly available, and other secret tips like that.

If you’re interested in getting Let Me Teach and accessing the videos right away, you can do that by clicking here.

create and sell online courses

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