#1 Manifestation Pitfall: Your Intention Behind Manifesting

law of attraction secretsIf you’re on this page, it’s because you want to learn more about manifestation and the law of attraction so that you can master it. 
But why do you want to learn how to manifest?
Seriously, take a moment to answer the question. If you’re struggling to manifest your desires, your answer may reveal why.
Your “why” behind doing anything or even thinking anything is an intention. You can be aware or unaware of your intention behind doing something, but either way, it holds a vibration. Your actions and outcomes will always match the vibration of your intention.

What is your intention behind manifesting?

If your answer was, “because I don’t like where I am,” or “because I need to change the circumstances I’m in,” or anything along those lines, keep reading…

how to set an intention

When your intention is to get away from something, you can’t expect to manifest something else. Your underlying energy still exists with the thing you don’t want.

When you put more attention on something you desire to manifest than you put on the chase of moving away from what you don’t want, that desire can materialize. When we think about our undesired present circumstances and then decide we need to work harder or learn more about manifestation, we’re moving from an intention that is energetically tied to what we don’t want.

We need to completely sever energetic ties from what we don’t want, by letting it go!

Accept it unconditionally. When you’re too attached to what you don’t want, it’s because you’ve put such strong conditions on your experience that it stops the energy flow from being able to move toward anything else.law of attraction quote

It takes too much energy to resist and put up walls to the things you don’t want. You’re constantly reminding yourself of what you don’t want, and using that as fuel to go out in the world and do all these things you think will lead to escape. This is the hard and slow way of changing your life. If you want the energy of the universe at your side, you need to stop resisting what it is you want to change. We only create our own blockages. Don’t make this mistake and succumb to this common manifestation pitfall. 

Instead, focus on what you do want. Cultivate the feeling of having what you desire to experience — and it can’t be a desire to not experience something, because the universe doesn’t understand “no.” It only looks at what you’re directing energy to, and if you’re busy directing your energy at something that you’re saying “no” to, it’s going to deliver you more of that thing.

What helps is getting really clear on what you want, then creating the sensory and emotional experience within you of it already being your reality. Regularly get yourself into this vibration through practices like visualization, journaling and gratitude meditations. To learn the exact techniques I use and start putting them into practice immediately, get my official manifestation and law of attraction video training workshop, Magnetic Magic.manifestation pitfalls


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