Is It Fate Or Your Subconscious?

What if it was all written? Not in the stars, but inside you: in your subconscious… waiting to be unraveled from within.

That would mean life is changeable; the subconscious is trainable and things unfold, “as within, so without.”

It doesn’t seem like we’re the source of all our manifestations, but it’s because most of the self is unconscious.

In Sigmund Freud’s model of unconscious states, the subconscious (unconscious) makes up most of our mind and also acts as the primary guiding influence on one’s behaviors, urges and habits.

Have you ever felt like your life often repeated negative themes in your childhood or in your parents’ lives? It’s because the subconscious was actively programming itself in your first five years of life, which is why you have little memory from those years — you were not exactly in your conscious mind!

The subconscious mind, though largely programmed in childhood, can be reprogrammed in adults. Reprogramming belief structures and emotional attachments in the subconscious mind can change what you perceive and create in your reality in adulthood, because we attract what our subconscious beliefs say about us.

What can re-program your subconscious? Three main techniques of subconscious mind training yield the fastest effects:

1. Repeat an affirmation or “mantra” (The more repetition, the better)

Repetition leaves a lasting imprint on the subconscious. Create a positive but short affirmation or “mantra” that you can loop over and over again in your mind.

If anxiety has been holding you back in life, choose a mantra like, “I deserve to feel at ease.”

If depression and low self esteem have been bringing you down, repeat a mantra like, “I love myself,” over and over — you’ll see amazing changes in how you feel, just from the frequency of the words being installed into your subconscious through repetition over time.

2. Spend time visualizing what you most desire (Aim for a vivid experience)

Do you notice the difference in how you feel when you visualize in your mind’s eye a troubling place you don’t want to be versus your ideal paradise spot? This feeling indicates a shift in your subconscious mind’s experience.

Your imagination is very real to your subconscious.

Experiments on athletes visualizing their performances have shown that muscles in our entire body engage and areas of the brain involved in these movements all get activated just through imagination alone.

If you’re trying to manifest a beach house into your life, can you feel the sand beneath your body? Can you slide open the door to the house? The more vivid your imagination is, the more your subconscious knows what to work toward. It works in mysterious ways, but as long as your message is clearly delivered about what you want, you can get a clear result.

With your imagination, you have the power to introduce your nervous system to a reality of excitement, bliss, ecstasy… When you take time to daydream each day, you start to notice it. You develop a greater space between you and your automatic reactions to things. Let this be your fate — increasing you inner power rather than choosing external events.

3. Create a raw feeling

This last one is about feeling good for “no reason.” Emotion is electro-magnetic energy and it can bump you up in vibrational frequency faster than anything. No matter whether you consider yourself an emotional person or not, the subconscious mind speaks the language of emotion. Emotions are a deep and critical part of its natural patterning.

Attracting using feeling is very powerful because you’re not using words or visuals as a medium, but you’re attracting the energy you’re feeling.

You’ll definitely be able to recognize it when the feeling starts coming to you naturally.

The emotional wiring in your subconscious is the main reason you attract the same people or circumstances in your life. So don’t just try to change specifics or outcomes. Let that happen naturally. The most powerful thing you can get control over is your emotional state. I can help you with emotional management and mastery in my 3-week training course, Reprogram Your Mind n 21 Days.

When you know how the subconscious mind works and how to reprogram it, you can attract your desires into your life, transform lifestyle habits or achieve anything you set your mind to.

To learn more about emotional management and reprogramming your mind for happiness in a span of just 21 days, try out my transformational online training: Reprogram Your Mind in 21 Days. In 21 days I’ll teach you how to meditate and how to use other self-awareness techniques to gain control of your own mind.

Plus, more reprogramming hacks to create solid positive beliefs about yourself and your world that nothing … or no one…  can fuck with. If your mind gets away with spewing thoughts that make you feel terrible, I encourage you to look into this course. The same mind can make you feel amazing, if it only knew how.

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