I Love Carrot-Orange Juice!

carrots, oranges & love!
carrots, oranges & love!

I’m about to start a video series on juicing. It will be 1-2 minute videos. First I’ll do a video on why you should get a juicer. Mine was just $50 and with that $50 I changed my life. Fresh juice improves my mood, boosts my energy, helps me get into a meditation state, detoxes my body and keeps me from getting sick.
I just want to share the love of juicing!

Today I did a carrot orange juice because I’m meditating on my womb (sacral chakra, the corresponding color is orange) to get information for the video series I’m about to do on feminine energy, feminism, the womb, etc. Really excited for that. I’m so thankful I’m on YouTube where I can share the love and knowledge with people. I don’t want to keep it all to myself. I’m overflowing with love! I love life, I love myself, and I’m just so glad I’m on this journey.

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