How to FEEL Abundant to Attract Abundance (Law of Attraction Secret)

Why you have to feel abundant to attract abundance

We are the creators of our own reality. The language we use to give the universe our instructions is vibration.

As you probably know, the Law of Attraction that governs the universe says, “like attracts like.” The frequency at which we vibrate attracts people, things, environments and experiences that vibrate at the same frequency.

As sentient beings, we measure our vibration by how we feel. Each emotion has a frequency, and when we fully experience an emotion, that emotion becomes our vibration.

That’s why when we feel abundant, we attract abundance. When we feel like we already have the freedom and resources to meet our desires, we manifest that reality. abraham hicks abundance

How to start feeling abundant

To feel abundant you have to feel worthy. You need to take a look at your level of self worth, and find out if there are any blockages there.

Particularly when it comes to your feelings around making money, do you feel a lack of confidence? Do you feel like you’re just not good enough? Low self esteem and undervaluing yourself is the recipe for lack of abundance. You have to feel your inherent value, which we all have — though not everyone chooses to be aware of it.

Think about the value you can bring to the world. How can you improve the life of people you come into contact with? 

What is your value?

We all have love and positivity we can share. When it comes to the economy, we all have gifts, talents and ways we can assist other people. Focus on the value you can provide through your art or business. If you work a job, focus on the value you can provide by helping people, radiating positivity or just making them smile.

abundance - dr wayne dyer

Abundance is a flow of energy. Not a destination.

The quote above sums it up beautifully. Focusing on your value can allow you to tune into your abundance because it causes you to vibrate at the frequency of value and abundance. When you give value to others, it comes back to you because you’re transmitting the frequency of abundance to the Universe.

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