How to Build Up Your Electromagnetic Field Part 2

Hello beloved readers! I wasn’t originally planning to do a part 2 to this video. However, since everyone is different and at their own stage, additional information on how to build up your electromagnetic field might help.

In the first video I said that the best way I’ve found to raise your frequency is to observe your mind and through this withdraw your energy from mental illusions and emotional attachments. This does raise your frequency, but knowing this may not be enough.

The beauty in nature is the beauty that's inside of you ♥
The beauty in nature is the beauty that’s inside of you ♥

I did mention in that video that we need to get back to nature, get healthy and take care of our bodies by eating only nature foods (raw is best!) and getting enough sleep. Some viewers who may be already in the process of getting back to nature already know about charging up in the sun and by grounding, so I didn’t mention this in the video. However, I realize it’s important to mention for those who may not already know. Without these aspects, doing what I suggested in the first video may be more difficult, especially if you’re going through an emotional time.

The Earth and the sun have magnetism. When we ground to the Earth and soak up the sun, we’re charging our energy bodies, increasing our electromagnetism. The sun in the sky is a reflection of the solar plexus within, and vice versa. Receiving the frequencies from the sun helps attune the solar plexus, which can often get slowed down by feelings of fear and powerlessness. You can commune with the sun by soaking it in through your skin, or by sun gazing.

Soaking up the sun and sun gazing helps build up your electromagnetic field. It kills parasites and helps cleanse your aura.
Soaking up the sun and sun gazing helps build up your electromagnetic field. It kills parasites and helps cleanse your aura.

Getting back to nature helps us raise up our frequency because nature is already vibrating high — it doesn’t have the heavy low-vibrating mental illusions we have (which all stem from fear). It flows without attachment to an identity separate from the All. Meditating in nature can help us internalize and experience this state of being.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting back to nature and getting healthy. When you don’t do this, it’s harder to get to the consciousness level high enough to observe your thoughts and let go of emotional attachments.

In fact, when you get in tune with nature, everything happens by itself. Meaning, instead of fighting for control over your mind and taking the effort to try and let go of emotional attachments, you’ll naturally get to a higher level of consciousness, where you won’t need to question thoughts. Emotions will probably come up as a cleansing process, and you can let go of them by feeling them and just allowing them to be. If you’re truly getting back to nature, you won’t be doing anything to suppress them, like taking drugs, drinking alcohol or eating junk food. These negative emotions will therefore transmute into higher frequencies.

Get into nature, relax, breathe, and let all your "problems" (mental projections) disappear!
Get into nature, relax, breathe, and let all your “problems” (mental projections) disappear!

With this broader perspective I now have, I believe my original video on this topic was not nearly complete. It’s good for people who are letting go of illusions. But to really raise up your magnetic field, getting back to nature is probably the most important aspect, because when you get back to nature, everything else will follow.

I don’t do videos to impress myself or others. I share what I’ve learned from experience so that more information comes back to me and helps me on my journey. (Helping yourself and helping others is inseparable, we are All One!) When I put out a video and then later realize it was incomplete or I gain a new perspective on that topic, I will always put out another video to address that.

I’d like to know what you think, too. If you have experience in raising up your frequency, what do you think helped you the most? Leave a comment on my YouTube or find me on Twitter (@lindsayhaskell).

Thanks for reading, listening and/or watching. Much Love!


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