Your Chakras Hold the Power (Free Intro to my Upcoming E-Book)

Our chakras are energy centers, or vortex points, in our bodies. Through these centers, the stream of consciousness from your spirit  feeds into your body. This consciousness energy can be called prana, which is the Sanskrit word for life force, or vital energy. It has been recognized by cultures around the world; its other names include qi, bioelectricity, ether, tachyon energy and consciousness.

You are a multi-dimensional light being made of energy, constantly vibrating at different frequencies.

We have seven main chakras in our bodies, which correspond to different vibrations in the light spectrum. The first chakra at the base of the spine vibrates at the lowest frequency and is therefore the color red. The seventh chakra at the crown of your head vibrates at the fastest frequency and thus has a violet hue.

We all have masculine and feminine energy inside us flowing through our chakras, whether we are men or women. However, women have a little more feminine energy than men, and men have a little more masculine energy. The first three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) are your feminine chakras, made up of feminine energy. In Chinese tradition, these are referred to as the yin chakras. The last three chakras (throat, third eye and crown) are your masculine, or yang, chakras. The heart chakra in the center of this spectrum is the point at which the feminine and masculine energies harmonize in your body.

When our chakras have blockages due to the energy vibrating slower than it should, some of the prana is unable to flow through that chakra. This causes lapses in our awareness. One blocked chakra causes neighboring chakras to also slow down and become blocked. If our chakras are cleared of blockages and vibrating at their optimal speed, our awareness is increased due to our prana, or spirit, being able to live through our bodies.

Your body — not just your brain — is your mind. By cleansing and clearing our chakras of low-vibrating negative energy, we are transforming our unconscious mind into consciousness. We are allowing our spirits to enter the body and shed light on our human experience. According to Buddha, experiencing full awareness, or enlightenment, is “the end of suffering.”

Chakras are said to be “blocked” or “closed” when the energy is vibrating too low for the prana to fully flow through them. In Chinese medicine, these are called “qi blockages” and are attended to with acupuncture, acupressure and through the practice of qi gong. Blocked chakras always affect you physically, mentally and spiritually. They become blocked when we allow negative emotions and thoughts to stay in our minds and therefore be stored in the body. For example, the root chakra is connected to our survival instincts. Negative emotions regarding your survival and physical well-being stored in the root chakra can cause blockages that manifest as financial problems in your life.

Physically, each chakra is connected to specific organs in the body. The third eye chakra connects to our intuition, to our pineal gland and pituitary gland. A blocked third eye chakra prevents you from using the pineal gland and pituitary gland to their full potential for psychic intuition. The sacral chakra is connected to your sexual organs, and a blockage of this energy can cause infertility and other reproductive issues.

Cleansing and restoring our chakras cannot be done overnight. It involves raising the vibrational frequency of the energy in that chakra. When we raise the vibration of a chakra, the chakra can no longer host lower vibrating energy, such as negative emotions, so these low energies causing blockages are released. Clearing the feminine chakras requires delving into long-suppressed emotions we’ve hidden deep from ourselves, not wanting to experience them. We will have to let go of any negativity we’re holding onto and move into the present moment. Feminine chakra cleansing is focused on the physical body, and will result in an improved physical experience on earth. Eating a diet of high-vibrating foods, doing yoga, yogic breathing exercises and qi gong, surrounding yourself in nature, connecting with other people, and doing things to fulfill your heart’s desires all help to cleanse the feminine chakras.

The masculine chakras are less physical and more cosmic. Meditation, experiencing silence, studying metaphysics and mental sciences all help to unblock these chakras. However, without also raising the vibrations of your lower chakras, it will be difficult to raise the vibrations of the higher-vibrating chakras.

When you focus on clearing one particular chakra, raising the vibration of that chakra will have a domino effect of raising the vibrations of the chakras beneath it. This is why I recommend a heart chakra cleanse to cleanse your feminine chakras. Bringing up the vibration of the heart will not only raise the vibrations of your feminine chakras, but also improve the harmony and balance between the feminine and masculine energies in your body. Focusing on clearing only the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras may cause a feminine-masculine energy imbalance.

I also recommend doing a heart chakra cleanse before you focus on clearing chakras above the heart. A high-vibrating physical foundation will make it easier to clear the masculine chakras, which can be dangerous to clear with negativity still floating around in the slower vibrating chakras due to extreme imbalance.

Coming Soon

In my upcoming e-book, Self-Empowerment 101: Your Chakras Hold the Power, I go into detail of how your seven major chakras work. I touch upon smaller chakras and energy meridians in your body. From reading this book you’ll understand how your chakras affect your daily life and how they’ve led you to manifest your current situations in life. You’ll learn how you create your reality through your chakras, whether you’re aware of it or not, and how an understanding of this will empower you to take your life into your own two hands. I will also introduce in more detail what cleansing your chakras involves, as a segue into my future e-books on heart chakra cleansing.

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