Heart Chakra Cleanse Diet ~ Introduction + Grocery List

Our chakras are energy centers, or vortex points, in our bodies. Through these centers, the stream of consciousness from your spirit  feeds into your physical body. For more information on chakras, read my previous blog post called Your Chakras Hold the Power, which introduces the concept of your seven chakras.

The first three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) are your feminine chakras, made up of feminine energy, or yin energy. The heart chakra in the center of this spectrum is the point at which the feminine and masculine energies harmonize in your body.

When we raise the vibration of a chakra, the chakra can no longer host lower vibrating energy, such as negative emotions, so these low energies causing blockages are released. I recommend a heart chakra cleanse to cleanse your first three chakras, since raising the vibrations of one chakra affects the chakras below it. Raising up your heart chakra will not only clear your feminine chakras, but also improve the harmony and balance between the feminine and masculine energies in your body.

Because the feminine chakras vibrate in the physical realm, and the food you consume gets processed through organs connected to the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras, what you eat greatly affects the frequencies of these chakras. Constantly eating toxic food and dead animals that have been killed while they were in a state of fear puts low-vibrating energy into your feminine chakras.

Organic, raw, plant-based foods are highly conductive in the human body. What do I mean by this? Because they are alive and contain mother nature’s prana or qi, they put prana into your body and help raise the vibration of your energy. They increase your prana, making you more bio-conductive. They improve the circulation of prana in your body, helping to release blockages in your chakras.

Certain foods found in nature correspond to our seven chakras. Fruits and vegetables that match the color of a chakra will help raise the vibration of that chakra. For example, oranges match the color of the sacral chakra, therefore they vibrate at the same frequency as an open sacral chakra. Putting this type of energy into your body will help raise the vibration of that chakra.

Foods that benefit specific organs correspond with the chakra that governs that particular organ. For example, avocados correspond with the sacral chakra because of the benefits they have for the reproductive system, especially in achieving hormone balance in the uterus.

Some foods correspond to multiple chakras. For example, tomatoes correspond to the root chakra because of the resonating vibration , as reflected in the matching color. Tomatoes also correspond to the heart chakra because they benefit for your heart organ, which is governed by the heart chakra. By reducing blood lipid levels, tomatoes help tackle the onset of vascular diseases. Carrots charge your root chakra because they’re root vegetables and your sacral chakra because they’re orange.

If you’re serious about chakra cleansing, take the first step by making changes to your diet. I’ve uploaded my Heart Chakra Cleanse Grocery List you can download on my Free Downloads page, or by clicking on the image in this post. In my upcoming e-books on heart chakra cleansing, I will go into the details of my heart chakra cleanse detox diet and what I’ve experienced as a result of changing my diet. I’ll provide recipes for meals, smoothies and juices that will have amazing detoxing effects physically, mentally and spiritually. Until then, look for videos on my YouTube channel where I give heart chakra cleansing tips and anecdotes.

As always, feel free to email me with questions at raisinglittlebeings@gmail.com.

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