Goddess on Earth: Energy Class for Womben

Goddess on Earth: Energy Class for Womben 4-week online group class with Magnetic Mama Awaken your sexual kundalini with womb energy rituals, access your earth-given abundance and achieve goddess-level confidence.

Week 1: Awakening Your Yoni Power

In the first week you will learn womb energy rituals that activate your sexual kundalini and provide powerful energy for emotional and physical healing, manifestation and deepening intimate relationships. In this week you will discover and utilize:

  • Yoni breathing
  • Strengthening your yoni muscles
  • Yoni breathing with visualizations for activating energy centers
  • The metaphysics of female orgasm
  • Rituals that clear energy ties and sexual Karma
  • Womb rituals for healing the body with divine feminine energy

We will also discuss how groupthink and the collective pain-body in women have affected our access to yoni power. We will delve into subconscious thoughts about our yonis and reprogram ourselves with self-empowering beliefs about our sexuality.

Week 2: Natural yoni care, balancing your hormones & harnessing the spiritual power of your menses

This week is about self care practices that bring harmony between body, mind and soul, as well as how to access the intuitive gifts brought by your monthly period. You’ll learn about:

  • Foods that harm the womb and throw off hormone balance
  • Natural, cost-free practices that promote hormone balance
  • Herbs that strengthen the yoni and regulate hormones
  • Candida (yeast) cleansing techniques
  • How to avoid toxic chemicals found in tampons and pads
  • Natural birth control
  • Self care rituals and routines that support the wellness you deserve
  • The spiritual aspect and metaphysical significance of your monthly cycle
  • How to use your menses to get in touch with your women’s intuition
  • Rituals to do on your period for spiritual healing and insight

Week 3: Divine feminine abundance

Access your earth-given abundance by reprogramming your mind for wealth and financial independence. In the collective women pain-body there’s the pain of sacrifices made for the sake of financial dependence on men. Achieving financial independence is how we heal, rewrite the script and enjoy the rich experiences as goddesses on this earth with freedom. Here you’ll learn how to tap into your vortex of purpose and much-deserved abundance and be guided by your womb, which is your greatest tool for manifesting your desires. In this week you’ll learn:

  • Womb rituals for healing the body with divine feminine energy
  • Meditations for clearing stagnation and resistance to align your energy with your desires
  • Reprogramming your mind to align with financial independence
  • Getting clear on your purpose so you can attract abundance from a place of pure joy and universal guidance

Week 4: Goddess-Level Confidence and Self Love

The mind is a powerful tool, but when it discourages us and lowers our vibrational frequency, it’s blocking the goddess within. In this week you’ll discover what it feels like to embody the divine feminine and shed the layers of blockage that may have held you hostage in your own body for years (and metaphysically speaking, most likely lifetimes.) I was raised by a mother who constantly worked to bring my self image down. Ultimately, this helped me become an expert on reprogramming the subconscious mind, since I had to do that to survive when I cut contact with my abusive parents. I want to help you rewire your beliefs so you can become a less limited version of yourself.

  • Self love rituals that reprogram your automatic thoughts and create a feeling of unconditional love from beyond this world within yourself
  • How to set boundaries with others and put yourself first
  • Energy rituals for protection and shielding
  • How to assert your boundaries and make people respect your wishes
  • How to cut off toxic people in your life
  • How to create the feeling of confidence within you, through energy rituals such as power posing, breathing exercises and more.

If you’re ready to uncover more of your wombanhood than you knew was there, and if you’re ready to transform what isn’t working, join Goddess on Earth. The first 7 students to sign up get a free energy reading with me.