Goal Setting Workshop

So you know that you create your own reality.

You know that your thoughts and feelings go into what manifests.

But what if you have a specific desire you want to manifest?

Maybe you just want to manifest living your life purpose. I have a process for bringing a specific manifestation from its conception to its materialization in your reality. Simply said: goal setting. It doesn’t sound like a fancy technique, but there’s magic in simplicity.

Instead of just the mental aspects of visualization or affirmations, goal setting is getting clarity on what you even want so that the universe is clear on what to manifest. The same way google maps is like a super database that can take you anywhere you want to go in your car…. your subconscious mind is actually the supercomputer that is the intelligent universe. And it will find you the fastest way to get exactly want you want, but… it needs clarity on what you want.

Besides clarity, goal setting is all about accountability and following through. That’s why your goals have to be measurable and have deadlines. I’ve been practicing goal setting for a couple years now, and through my own experimentation I’ve gotten better at it. I wanted to create a workshop to teach people what exactly works for me not just one thing you can do but an entire practice for manifesting goals. In the modules of the goal setting workshop, you will…

  • Prepare for this entire goal setting process by getting into a high frequency state and meditating.
  • Use automatic writing exercises to help shed light on your desires.
  • Craft specific goals written like affirmations you can use to constantly keep yourself on the straight and narrow to manifesting what you specifically want.
  • Create a game plan for the first action steps you need to take toward each goal.
  • Plan out regular check in times you can have with yourself to evaluate your progress on each goal and plan your action steps.

This workshop is totally interactive – it’s not like a lecture. Actually, there’s only 2 videos in it. I don’t want you to be lectured. I want you to take immediate action. That’s why I created worksheets that force you to actually do the work, but I’m prompting you through it the whole time, so it’s easy. It’s just three modules. A simple system. It’s getting clear on what you want, defining specific goals properly and setting yourself up to follow through.

I want to share this process with you that has worked for me and allowed me to do so many things I just never got around to before or believed I could achieve. I promise you this is an investment in yourself that will far exceed the initial cost. I make this workshop easy to complete so that you can get the most out of it.

As always, students of mine have full access to getting their questions answered from me by email.

You could keep winging it, or you can try my method for getting so clear about your intention and commitment to a goal that the universe has no choice but to stand by and present your desire to you. Get this workshop while it’s only $12!!

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