I talk a lot about going within yourself, and everything I share comes from within me. If you’re still actively seeking things outside yourself, whether it’s information, validation, love or otherwise, you can start the transition to living fully within yourself by connecting with the sunsun lightcodes

It’s time to come back into being whole beings. We think we need confirmation, guidance and more from outside ourselves — from other people, our closest family members and society at large. Let go and trust yourself.

In my blogs and videos, I share things that have helped me along my journey to going within. Something that’s played a major role in my growth is getting sunshine (especially in the middle of the day when the sun’s at its strongest) and sungazing.

It’s easy to get sunshine by going out for a walk or jog, just sunbathing or even doing whatever work you need to get done outside instead of indoors. Sunshine exposure regulates our mood, so the more you get daily the better you’ll feel.

You can do your own research online about sungazing, which is a practice of looking at or next to the sun when it’s rising or setting. As you improve over time, you’ll be able to stare directly at the sun while it’s setting and eventually even in the middle of the day.

My personal experience sungazing is that after doing it in the evening, I have more energy, clarity, ideas and am generally more in tune with myself. I also have better dream recall and more vivid and lucid dreams. I love sungazing, and I’ve found that sticking with it daily if you can brings amazing, life-changing results.

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The concept that the world is a hologram, with you at its center, is a proven scientific fact. (Do some research on quantum physics, or watch the documentary What The Bleep Do We Know?).  The sun in the sky is a reflection of the inner sun within you. The sun (sol) is the soul, located in the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra powers up all the rest of the chakras because it’s the source of energy, the soul. The other chakras contain this energy, but the solar plexus is the hub.

Plants grow toward the sun, and they can’t grow at all without sun exposure. The same is true for our spiritual growth. We need to head toward our inner sun in order to embody our true selves (our souls). The external sun is the same thing, which is why getting your sunshine will support your spiritual growth in every aspect. The eyes are windows to the soul, which is why sungazing — in my experience — aids in going within even faster than getting sun on your skin.

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