Energy Rituals for Empaths

Many of the “personality traits” of an empath listed in articles online don’t bode well for us. They make us believe we’ll have to deal with burdens and disadvantages for our entire lifetime.
 empath traits
I’m here to tell you: That’s not the case at all.
Don’t let any of that define you!!
So.. what is an empath?
An empath is a person who’s a very open channel of energy. Technically, everyone is a channel — a medium — of energy, but an empath is more aware of the subtle energy fields around them, like the emotional and mental (astral) realms.
Empaths are so receptive that the violence in movies feels real to them. Others’ emotional experiences are felt strongly inside their own being. Whatever an empath puts your awareness on… they instantly become ultra receptive to.
If you’re an empath…
You feel the full depth of things because you fully absorb and embody that energy.
Clairempathy is a level of sensitivity to your higher senses. Some were born with this “sixth sense,” others adopted it as a way of surviving psychological abuse or other trauma, or some a combination of both; while others became more empathic once they started their spiritual awakening.
empath sensitivityWhatever the case, all empaths seem to deal with various problems which stem from an imbalance in expressing their feminine and masculine energy.
They can be targets for energy vampires, experience extreme emotional lows and symptoms of energy drain.
If you’re an empath, here’s what you need to know….
The way your channel works is that you receive energy based on the type of energy you’re tuned into.
Not only are you a channel (that’s the divine feminine aspect) but also you’re a dial (masculine aspect). You get to direct your energy and channel it how you choose. This is what makes empaths super manifestors and crazy energetic movers and shakers on the planet.
While many empaths feel they absorb the energy around them, they’re actually setting the frequency dial for what type of energy they tune into from their surrounding.
healing for empaths
As empaths, we don’t have to receive everything from around us; we can receive at the frequencies we’re tuned into.
We attune ourselves through our focus, our thoughts and our subconscious beliefs. The ego, or concept of self, is what filters our experience in this way. For empaths with severely unhealed wounds, we may still be carrying pain and repeating old patterns because of these subconscious influencers. Subtle habits we’ve adopted since childhood can continually cause us to channel low-vibrating energy and be drained by our environment and people around us.
Because of these reasons, many empaths have described being empathic as “a blessing and a curse.”
Many empaths today are dealing with different combinations of these issues:
  • Being easily bogged or burdened by others’ emotions.
  • Feeling drained around certain people or in crowds.
  • Experiencing mood changes based on your environment and people you’re around; feeling like your emotional experience is out of your control.
  • Confusing the pain of others as your own, and caring for others more than you care for yourself sometimes.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated by the “chaos” of daily life (including being highly sensitive to noises, lights and movements).
  • Not feeling grounded in your physical life; feeling “heady” or “stuck in your feelings.”
  • Psychic vampires (people who use psychological manipulation to trigger you emotionally).
  • Psychosomatic illness (pains, sensations or illnesses that can’t be explained by Western medicine).

Being an empath is part of your spiritual awakening. When being an empath becomes a problem in your life, that’s when your soul is trying to make your gifts apparent to you. However, it’s hard to unlock them and unblock yourself in a world where this information isn’t distributed. Energy Rituals for Empaths is a 6-week class. It’s a safe space for empaths to heal with like minds.

You get (Lifetime Access):

Ebook: Energy Rituals for Empaths

+ 12 Modules, with multiple videos in each module:

  1. Grounding Rituals
  2. Energetic Protection Rituals
  3. Aura Clearing and Cleansing Rituals
  4. Physiology Hacks
  5. How to Clear Energy Blocks
  6. Seal Energy Leaks
  7. Language Rituals that Transmute Energy
  8. Meditation
  9. Self Esteem and Confidence Rituals
  10. Self Discipline Rituals
  11. Self Love Rituals
  12. Energy Amplifying Rituals

These all work to counteract common “empath issues,” including:

  • Physical overstimulation and hypersensitivity
  • Mental stagnation, negative thinking and overthinking
  • Psychosomatic illness (persistent pains or illness that can’t be explained by doctors because it’s caused directly by the energy vampire — even if the vampire is in your mind)
  • Loose boundaries; giving too much and falling into the hands of manipulative people too easily
  • Emotional dysregulation (feeling like you can’t control your emotions; fear of the next mood change)
  • Feeling ungrounded and disconnected to this planet, to humanity or to your life purpose
  • Responding to anxiety, depression and other symptoms of being a “wounded healer” or absorbing too much around you
  • Feeling drained, fatigued and unfocused
  • Feeling out of touch with yourself and your intuition

In all you’re getting:

  • Video modules
  • Ebook
  • Assignments and group forum discussions
  • 1:1 access to me by email with any questions as we go through the course material

Module 1: Grounding Rituals

Grounding Rituals

Module 2: Energetic Protection Rituals

Module 3: Aura Clearing and Cleansing Rituals

Module 4: Physiology Hacks

Module 5: How to Clear Energy Blocks

Module 6: Seal Energy Leaks

Seal Energy Leaks

Module 7: Language Rituals that Transmute Energy

Module 8: Meditation

Module 9: Self Esteem and Confidence Rituals

Module 10: Self Discipline Rituals

Module 11: Self Love Rituals

Module 12: Energy Amplifying Rituals

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