Empaths, Manipulation & Power

Empaths can be manipulative, they can be easiest to manipulate, and they can be the hardest people to manipulate.

Empaths can be the easiest to manipulate because we let down ego walls & take on the desires of people we love.

Empaths can be the hardest to manipulate because we see thru lies & have a sense for what’s on people’s minds.

Being in tune with and having a great deal of access to raw, potent emotional energy gives empaths quite the influential force to work with. If they want to influence someone’s mind, they can. Typically, they do this for good. Even soothing a child’s mind after a scary event could be considered “manipulation” in the sense of its raw definition; but, here there’s a purely benevolent intent behind the act.

can use manipulation for good, taking themselves out the equation – good leadership – in tune with people’s needs

An empath can often move a crowd with emotional influence and convince them to donate to a charity. It’s their intuitive read on the crowd, coupled with the raw emotion they’re projecting (a balance of absorbing and projecting) that can make an empath a powerful leader of any type (applicable to marketing, religion, politics and more).

The power to influence via emotional impact is a manipulation tool that can be used for good or bad. An empowered, balance empath aims to use it for their own self advancement and the advancement of others.

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