Empathology: Training & Community Building for Healers (Full)

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Empathology is — at last — the ultimate online course and networking platform for empaths.

An empath is much more than someone who can feel other people’s emotions.

Empaths are healers with unique expressions of gifts and life purposes. Empathy is the first of your higher senses that emerge as your raise your vibration. If you were born an empath, you definitely have more gifts to soon discover beyond empathy, including psychic abilities.


Your higher self only gives you as much as you can explore at a given time. Many of us are being called to heal from the “pitfalls” of being an empath we succumbed to from lack of knowledge and guidance.

When we master our empathic abilities, we bridge to an entire different way of life, where we can use our intuitive abilities to serve us and others, rather than being crippled by them.

Many empaths today are dealing with different combinations of these issues:

  • Being easily bogged or burdened by others’ emotions.
  • Feeling drained around certain people or in crowds.
  • Experiencing mood changes based on your environment and people you’re around; feeling like your emotional experience is out of your control.
  • Confusing the pain of others as your own, and caring for others more than you care for yourself sometimes.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated by the “chaos” of daily life (including being highly sensitive to noises, lights and movements).
  • Not feeling grounded in your physical life; feeling “heady” or “stuck in your feelings.”
  • Psychic vampires (people who use psychological manipulation to trigger you emotionally).
  • Psychosomatic illness (pains, sensations or illnesses that can’t be explained by Western medicine).

Being an empath is part of your spiritual awakening. When being an empath becomes a problem in your life, that’s when your soul is trying to make your gifts apparent to you. However, it’s hard to unlock them and unblock yourself in a world where this information isn’t distributed.

Empathology is a safe place for empaths to grow and connect with like minds. At the same time, it’s a class where we’re going to cover as much information as possible in a 3 month period.

Using a private Facebook group as our platform, we’ll be posting material on a daily basis to cover a lot of ground and build a strong community. Once you join, you’ll have lifetime access to the group. As we bring in new students on a continual basis, you can continue to learn from other healers’ journeys, network and assist if you feel guided to.

Using the knowledge we’ve gained and the personal experiences we’ve gone through as empathic healers, we want to act as guides on your journey of transformation.

In recognising the impact that the downsides of being an empath can create, we have made it our mission to help you gradually defeat and overcome these conditions. If left unresolved, the gifted empath risks suffering from:

  • The inability to form healthy relationships, or maintain them.
  • Impulsive decision making that leads to self inflicted damage.
  • Repeated cycles of abandonment, addiction, and abuse.
  • Failure to tap into intuitive, and magnetic abilities that magnify the potential of financial success and personal fulfillment.
  • Chronic physical health issues from emotional suppression/stagnation.

In the first two months we’ll focus on healing. In the third month, the focus shifts to discovering and developing your gifts. Here’s a skeleton outline of what we plan to cover:

Month 1: Healing Yourself

This month is all about mastering alone-time with yourself: something that can be hard for empaths. It’s a cleansing period, to let go of energies that aren’t yours and aren’t serving you. It’s time to build You’ll learn:

  • Clearing, grounding and charging your energy (meditation practice, connecting with nature & more)
  • Establishing self care rituals/routines
  • Staying aligned in groups and crowds
  • Using visualizations
  • Setting intentions
  • Confidence building & self love practices
  • Putting ego boundaries in place (closing a porous ego)
  • Staying aligned in groups and crowds
  • Using affirmations
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Past life triggers

Month 2: Healing Your Relationships

  • Psychic vampires and psychological manipulation
  • Co-dependency (porous ego)
  • Toxic romantic relationships
  • Strained family relationships
  • People pleasing
  • Giving too much

Month 3: Discovering Your Gifts & Stepping into Your Purpose

  • Feeling into frequencies of your choice
  • Using clairsentience to protect yourself from unsafe environments
  • Understanding the language of spirit & reading signs from the universe
  • How to help people without lowering your vibration

“For the majority of my life, I existed as an unbalanced empath, because I did not have these specific tools to utilise in enhancing my awareness of what this gift meant.

This left me vulnerable to a variety of psychological, emotional, and environmental sicknesses, that soon isolated me from my peers – confirming my worst (perceived) fears, that I was in-fact unlovable, and destined to a life of misfortune. It is easy to feel ‘cursed’, as an empath, and many of us do because of the life experiences such as bullying, isolation, weight issues, and short lived relationships that typically follow us.

An alteration in my perception of power dynamics completely shifted my reality, and allowed me to assume responsibility for my actions, and the karma that I was creating for myself. This is no magic fix, although it is most profound, because most of the work, has to be completed through commitment by the individual, just as I committed to loving myself.

Empaths are beyond powerful beings, and it is in recognising this that we stop giving our power away, and learn to nurture it. I transformed my life with these specific set of practices. Are you ready to transform yours?”

— Seek Cindy

If you’re ready to accelerate your journey, heal and surround yourself with a community of healers “enroll now” below!

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