Overcoming Doubt when using Law of Attraction

We are so powerful as creators. We’re the only ones who can and do create our realities.

Until we doubt this power.

So where does doubt come from? If we really believe in our power, why do we have doubt? dice-image

Doubt is old programming. It’s based on limiting beliefs programmed in your subconscious — beliefs like “I can’t manifest what I want,” or “it won’t happen.” Even though at the same time, you may also believe that you create your reality. So why the clash in beliefs?

The old beliefs and this new belief can’t exist mutually, so they fight each other for power in your mind. As a result, you go back and forth between believing in yourself and doubting yourself.

So what we’re doing is reprogramming ourselves to no longer have doubt. We hold the vibration of belief in our power so strong and so long, that the other vibration can’t take hold. We train ourselves to hold the higher vibrational beliefs we want to hold, through practice and repetition.

Here are some things to remember when you’re allowing doubt to exist.

1. When you visualize and affirm something you want to manifest — that is, you think and feel as if the manifestation is already realized — you have already manifested it in the 4th dimension. Now, when you open your eyes and see the physical world around you, you’re looking at a dimension that has already received instructions from the 4D in order for it to mirror the 4D. The more you “hold” your manifestation in the 4D, the more energy there will be to shift the 3D to match it.

2. Remember that you have the free will to doubt. Free will is choice in the present moment. You have the free will to doubt your beliefs, and you have the free will to believe your beliefs. Which will you use? It all comes down to a simple choice independent of the outside world.

3. You’re the only one who can validate your belief. When we create a belief and focus on it in order to manifest something, we tend to look for validation in the outside world and from other people. We like to see events falling into place and only once we do can we believe. Or when we have a few people who believe in our dream too, then we can believe. But those people and events who “validate” your belief don’t really do so — you do. So if you can validate your belief in the presence of support, you can validate your belief without it.

4. There’s no such thing as a false doubt. Whatever you believe is true becomes true. Whatever you believe is false becomes false.

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