Do This 1 Thing to Reduce Anxiety

Use this affirmation to reduce anxiety : “I am deserving of feeling at ease.”

I know there’s a lot of doubt or eye rolling about affirmations, but here’s why this really works.

When you’re anxious, it’s because your brain is focusing on thoughts that cause you to worry and freak out.

When you say this affirmation, regardless of whether you believe it’s true or not, now your brain is focusing on the feeling of being at ease. And it’s focusing on you deserving to feel that feeling. And it can’t focus on those things without adopting the vibrational frequency of those things.

Try This for Anxiety Relief

Don’t expect yourself to push away anxious thoughts. You can talk yourself out of them, but doing this affirmation is a faster easier way in my opinion, because you’ve shifted your point of focus and replaced negative thoughts with a positive one, and both can’t occupy the same space at the same time.

And say the affirmation in a calm tone of voice. Say it like you feel it. Or think it like you feel it if you’re at work or something, and hear it in your head as though you’re saying it aloud. Say it like a person who’s completely relaxed and content would say it. Breathe deeper. Release tension in your jaw, your face, your neck.

So now you don’t have to talk yourself out of worry and fear, because you’ve made a physiological and neurological shift and better thoughts will flow more naturally through that new state.

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