Diatomaceous Earth: Colon/Parasite Cleansing, Beauty Secrets & More

diatomaceous earth

Hey guys!

You may have heard that disease starts in the gut.

Our small and large intestine combined make up around 30 feet of tubage.

The intestinal walls are filled with nerve cells, hormone receptors, 60 percent of our immune system and a host of other important stuff that affects our entire body.

So what gut problems does disease stem from?

The biggest problem is pathogens: bad bacteria, fungus and parasites. (Yes, worms!).

At least 3 out of every 4 people in the world are infected with parasites, and parasites are at the root of many diseases.

But fear not, because you can get rid of all these nasties, and you don’t even need to go on a special diet or do a fast. It took me a while to figure this one out, so consider yourself lucky you landed on this page! Without further ado, introducing: Diatomaceous Earth.

What is diatomaceous earth?

“Die-uh-toe-may-tious.” That’s how I pronounce it and I don’t know if it’s right, so let’s just call it DE.

DE is the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are single-celled algae-like organisms.

But basically it’s a soft white powder:

Nature's Wisdom diatomaceous earth
Big 5 lb bag of Nature’s Wisdom diatomaceous earth (DE)

At least that’s what it looks and feels like.

Under a microscope it reveals its true nature:

Diatomaceous earth under a microscope
Diatomaceous earth under a microscope


Looks like plastic hair curlers, right?

But you can actually eat (well, drink) this stuff, by mixing it into water or any other drink. And next I’m going to tell you why you’d want to.

The DE Miracle

DE clears out everything from the colon, removing all pathogens (and any other junk) by trapping small microorganisms in their honeycomb-like structures and by cutting up larger worms. (The last bit is not a pretty image, I know. I apologize, I just thought you needed to know).

Because it kills by physical means, not chemical, it has a 100 percent effectiveness rate for parasite cleansing. Of course, as long as you see it through for the duration of your cleanse, which should be 90 days (3 months).

People have cured diseases with this stuff, guys. I think everyone should try it, considering the high infection rate of parasites and the testimonies people have made that a DE cleanse left them with more energy and better health.

Diatomaceous Earth as a Beauty Product

There’s more–here are some of the “beauty miracles” DE provides for both men and women:

  • Hair growth. Eating DE helps you grow long, healthy hair because of its high silica content.

    hair growth diatomaceous earth
    If you’re trying to grow long, healthy hair that’s less susceptible to damage and split ends, taking DE regularly will thicken it by providing the minerals it needs.
  • Hair health: strength and shine. By nourishing your hair with more silica than can be found in the average diet, DE increases the thickness of your hair and gives it a healthy, nourished glow.
  • Acne. Just like DE pulls toxins from your insides, so too does it go to work on your skin. By combining just a little water with a teaspoon or two of DE, you can make a clay-like mask. Leave it on your face for a few minutes, until it dries and turns white. (What a sight!) Rinse with warm water and repeat weekly.
  • Stronger nails. The high silica content in DE makes it great for the proteins found in both hair and nails, so DE has the same strengthening effect on your nails as it does on your hair.


Where to buy DE

The best brand that sells food-grade diatomaceous earth in my opinion is Nature’s Wisdom. They have a great track record and I’ve had great results with my colon cleansing using their product.

On Amazon you can get their 1 lb jar3 lb jar5 lb bag or 10 lb bag.

The 10 lb bag is the best value, but I find the 5 lb bag easier to manage in the kitchen.

Have you ever tried taking DE internally? How were the results? Leave a comment and let me know.

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