Raise Your Vibration, Change Your Life – Online Course


This course is for people who want to prioritize and fast-track their personal and spiritual growth and take guided action to change their lives.

Raising your frequency means that you have access to a wider range of knowledge beyond what the ego is filtering out for you. And this is how you overcome subconscious blocks that get in your way of living your dream and instantly manifesting what you want in life

Raising your frequency has a ripple effect on your physical world. Raising your frequency can heal an illness. It can allow you to manifest solutions to problems you’re having without obstacles and feeling lost and alone.


1-on-1 Coaching


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What you can expect:

  • Guidance on your spiritual path
  • Coaching for upgrading your life and reaching your goals and dreams
  • Answers to your questions that come up from the course or elsewhere
  • Confidentiality


Mentorship Group


Once you pay for the course, you’ll have access to the Raise Your Vibration, Change Your Life mentorship group on Facebook, which is private to paid members only. Here you can ask questions and start discussions where I’ll actively participate and answer all questions that come my way.


Benefits of the mentorship group:

  • Discussions with people who are on the same path as you
  • Get different answers to your questions from a variety of people
  • Get answers from me to your questions
  • Coaching and motivating you through the course and wherever else your journey takes you

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