How to Connect with Your Higher Self & Spirit Guides

how to contact your higher selfHow do you connect with your higher self and spirit guides?

Before I answer, I want to talk a little bit about what those terms actually mean to me.

Your higher self is the collective of lifetimes your soul has had and has integrated into one unity consciousness field. It’s the non-physical higher dimensional aspect of yourself where you are all-knowing. Sometimes I even interchange the term higher self with “your subconscious” and with “universe.” I really don’t get too caught up with vocabulary and definitions.

Now, spirit guides are part of your higher self but they are unique individuals, as opposed to being a field of collective consciousness. They are connected to that field, and so in that way they can be all-knowing, but they have their own unique energy signature or even personality, because that helps them to better serve as guides to human beings.

Whereas the higher self is a collective of lifetimes, a spirit guide will be one lifetime, often a future lifetime or maybe a past. (All your lifetimes are really happening at once anyway, because time is infinite).

Anyway, a spirit guide comes into your experience according to what you need in that moment. So one spirit guide may really embody courage. It may be from a lifetime where you were super courageous and so when you need courage in this lifetime and you’re ubconsciously looking for some source to draw upon (maybe you’ve never had to exhibit this level of courage in this lifetime thus far) subconsciously that aspect of you — that spirit guide — will come forth in a sense. You’ll experience it almost like you’ve become a different version of yourself or you go into a different mode, when really it’s that spirit guide having a subconscious influence on your consciousness. It’s being tapped into.

This happens naturally; you don’t have to be more intuitive to tap into your spirit guides. However, if you’re able to be very open, meaning your mind isn’t super cluttered and you’re not very expectant or attached to having a certain experience, you can experience this subconscious influence more consciously, where a spirit guide may speak to you in a vision or a clairaudient/telepathic conversation… or you might have images pop up in your inner vision (which is your imagination).

That’s my perspective on your higher self versus your spirit guides. Let’s now go into how to connect with them.

Here’s the thing…

Don’t focus so much on what you need to do to make the connection. Instead, focus on setting and maintaining the intention of connecting.

Guess what, your higher self and spirit guides are already always wanting to connect with you. They haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, they’ve been waiting for you.

That said, your job is to allow the connection, and you do that by letting go of resistance. Resistance simply means anything that is not in alignment with communicating with your higher self or spirit guides. Most commonly that is beliefs about you being out of contact… you being unable to connect. The resistance you need to let go of could be just a general feeling of frustration, which is obviously not the same frequency as being open and receptive.

Or it could be you’re too attached to a specific idea of a specific experience of how you want or expect this connection to manifest, so you end up blocking any other manifestation of the connection.

So the best way to clear this resistance is to just set the intention to connect with your higher self or with a spirit guide, and then just completely let it go. I mean, completely. You don’t need to be worried that the universe isn’t going to know what you want. Your intention isn’t going anywhere!

Your desire won’t go anywhere even if you detach from it so much that you’re perfectly happy with where you are in this moment. Because that’s the frequency you want to be at so you can allow the connection with your higher dimensional aspects.

The resistant frequency that’s blocking your perception of your connection may be a deep seated belief that you are not savvy enough, not spiritual enough, not deserving enough, not this enough not that enough to be worthy of being connected and aligned with your higher self!

You can only hold one dominant frequency at a time, and you can liken your frequency to your perspective; your mindset.

See, the more you can believe and feel and know that you are divine right now in this moment and in all moments, the higher your frequency will be and the more receptive you’ll be to guidance.

This guidance can manifest in infinite ways. So let’s talk about how it may manifest.

The preconceived idea people have of how the connection is going to be, where they’re going to hear a voice in their ear or see a vision of an angelic being manifesting, can be a blockage because it comes from a place of feeling like you’re not divine and so you want to have an experience with an aspect of you that IS divine, when really ALL of you is divine and whole, and it’s that feeling of separation from the divine that blocks you because it’s disharmonious with the frequency of oneness.

Thus, the mindset shift you need to make is that your connection with your higher vibrational aspects is something that’s going to come through you… it’s not something outside yourself that’s going to happen to you.

For example, probably the #1 way I experience connection with my higher self is through synchronicity. For those who may not know, synchronicity is when things happen that are in alignment with an intention you set, so much so that you’re like “wow, this can’t be a coincidence!” This feels like I’m being assisted by the universe… or better yet, I’m manifesting my reality in alignment with my intention.”

For instance, I might set an intention for something I want to create, and then in the next few hours I get an idea out of nowhere, then someone comes to me with the same idea and wants to create it together, which is even better!

Or synchronicity can look like confirmations, like signs, from your higher self saying your thoughts are on point or that your intention is being manifested.

For example, you might be trying to make a decision about something in your life, and if you’re open and detached enough, the universe will start talking to you. It will start talking to you through other people or through things that happen or something you hear on the radio or a youtube video that pops up on your timeline. You’ll get messages that help steer you toward being more confident with one choice over the other, and there will be so much synchronicity that everything in your experience seems to relate to this decision and conspire you to make one choice over the other.

These experiences are all characteristic of being in tune with higher frequencies. Keep in mind human beings are designed to be high frequency beings, so much so that all you need to do is let go of resistance and your frequency will jump up.

Let go of resistance by remembering that you are divine and that all is well in this moment. Let go of any and all stories in your mind that say otherwise.

And you can feel whether you’re allowing your connection to source energy, because the better you feel, the more you’re allowing your connection.

I assist people in transitioning through their spiritual awakening and in eliminating the gap between self and soul. I help root out the blocks preventing you from actualizing your desires and embodying success, as defined by you.

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