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healing anxiety workshop

Let’s be honest… Everyone hates feeling unguided. Conflicted. Confusion is depressing, but… It’s also unnecessary. HERE’S WHY: We all have access to higher guidance within us. If…

  • you’re struggling to receive guidance
  • you don’t feel connected with your higher self
  • you’re feeling anxious or depressed
  • you have times of creative block where you can’t move forward on what you want to create
  • you’re feeling confused about metaphysical knowledge

writing-therapy-0c1090faTHEN… I have ONE solution for turning all the above around. Imagine what it would be like if you had 24/7 access to personalized guidance that is accurate 100% of the time? Congratulations…  you do. Everyone does, with no exception. We all can connect to the Higher Self, and the BEST way to do it is through automatic writing. Once you start receiving higher levels of guidance through the automatic writing sessions you get in this course, you’ll be hooked. You can’t pretend you don’t know where the door is or how easy it is to open it. Once you start engaging in conversation with a wiser aspect of yourself, you’ll live your life open and receptive to divine direction in a way you’ve never done before. In each moment of every day that you’re not using your inner source of guidance, you’re holding yourself back from a world of clarity and insight. Don’t get me wrong… This isn’t just all about feeling better. It’s not just therapy. It’s also about doing better for yourself. It’s about seizing the day and making the most of your life. Ask for guidance on how to align with anything you desire and you shall receive it. Automatic writing helps you use your creativity to its fullest potential. Creative geniuses turn their creative state on like a faucet. This is exactly what you’ll learn to do in my automatic writing course.panda-wearing-headphonesI discovered automatic writing at a relatively young age… But I called it journaling. Sometimes I was just journaling. But in times of distress, when I most needed it, a higher wisdom spoke through my writing and offered solutions to my problems — action-based solutions and solutions that were simply shifts in perspective. It felt like I was reading what I was writing as I wrote it… as if it were coming through me and I was discovering it for the first time. Many of my spiritual insights I’ve had came through writing. For those of you who follow my twitter account, many of my tweets come from automatic writing. Anyone can learn to do this. When you access your subconscious mind like this, you unlock blockages and connect dots you hadn’t seen before. Automatic writing quickly became my Plan A for solving problems in my life. It allows me to receive messages from higher realms (angels, spirit guides, higher self). It’s also a way to release creative blockages and acquire genuine inspiration and ideas for any creative project.

Who is this course for?

Spiritual Seekers

Want to know yourself on a deeper level? What about your angels and spirit guides? They all have messages for you, as they’ve come with you — for you — on your divine mission to this planet. Automatic writing helps you receive messages from the depths of your subconscious, where the entire universe resides.

Anyone Healing from Psychological Trauma

When you experience a trauma, the conscious mind doesn’t process it right away. The psyche buries the trauma deep within the subconscious because it doesn’t know what else to do with it. Here, it influences your entire experience of yourself and your reality — whether you’re aware of it or not. writing-close-upAutomatic writing is a way of releasing emotional baggage stored inside the subconscious. It wants to come out, but we’ve worked so hard to repress it. The exercises in this course help you put the conscious mind aside so that the subconscious can come forth and express what has been repressed. This release will leave you feeling much lighter, and can be more life changing for you than you probably know, as the subconscious mind creates your reality. These exercises will help you not only release emotions, but also to better understand psychology and behavior and make contact with your higher self to assist you.


You can break through writer’s block and improve your craft by accessing your subconscious mind — where your true creativity resides. Learn techniques to get your raw ideas and stories on paper faster by putting your inner critic aside. Several speed writing exercises so you can find which one works best for you and make it part of your daily writing practice to tap into your creative flow.

Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Are you a musician? Muralist? Fashion designer? Graphic designer? Learn how to stand out from other artists by tapping into YOUR unique, personal creative source — your own subconscious mind. Learn how to get original ideas onto paper you can use to create your art… to stand out and amaze.

What’s included in my automatic writing course?

  • Learn and practice each stage of the automatic writing process.
  • Master the art of getting into a receptive state. Being in a receptive state means you receive more. More ideas, more intuition, more inspiration, more wisdom, more opportunities, more of anything you set an intention for. Ask and you’ll receive.
  • Learn how to ask for what you intend to gain from a writing session.
  • Learn to apply knowledge and guidance acquired through writing.
  • Use writing as a tool for aligning with the desires you want to manifest.
  • 7 video modules
  • 13 guided automatic writing exercises (mp3 downloads)

There’s more! I added a bonus section to the course for some helpful things that aren’t critical for your success but can definitely enhance your automatic writing experience. Bonuses include:

  • My Automatic Writing Cheat Sheet
  • Progressive muscle relaxation mp3
  • Guided breathing exercises mp3
  • Third eye opening guided meditation mp3

typingPeople spend years meditating to get to the point where they can channel higher wisdom from their mind in meditation. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But… With automatic writing, the written language is used as a tool to bridge you and your higher self. You have to thrust one foot out into empty air… trusting something will prevent you from falling. When you trust, something will. Because the Universe is your mirror. The voice of your innermost self is always there ready to be channeled through you. It will be the first to tell you that you are loved and you are always being guided. If you’re ready to master a skill that will transform your life, click “Add to Cart” below to get started. As soon as you’ve purchased the course, you get instant lifetime access to all the course modules and bonus material. You’ll be first asked to enter your email and set up a user name and password, and then you’ll be able to access the membership area with all the the course modules, audio files and bonus material.

My digital courses and workshops are always inspired by my consultations with clients, to make assistance with the most common issues we deal with accessible to more people for a lower price.   That said, I feel like a workshop for anxiety would have been nice yesterday. Anxiety is incredibly common in people today, in spite of how alone it can make you feel. But…   I trust this workshop came to you in divine timing. I trust it to touch you at the right time in your life; at a time you’re ready to sacrifice old habits and heal triggers.   I’ve dealt with anxiety in myself at all different levels of intensity. I’ve woken up shaking. I’ve lived with paranoia for days strung together. I’ve had social anxiety to the extent of quitting jobs and not wanting to leave the house.   If I hadn’t finally learned to stop coping with it and start healing the deep-rooted issues that were causing it…   I could’ve woken up shaking this morning… I could still be having panic attacks every day.   I know there’s a way to heal anxiety the way the body and mind can always be healed, through a holistic approach. I know because I’ve done it. I’ve healed my deep root causes of anxiety… I’ve reprogrammed my body and mind. I know how to respond to anxiety within myself and when I’m with a client who’s struggling with anxiety.   Since I’ve found a “formula” for healing and transmuting this dis-ease in the energetic system, I want to help as many people as possible to apply it and benefit from it.   I’m offering a transformative healing experience for those who read the book, use the workbook and listen to all the mp3s. You have to do the work. That’s all you really have to do, though. I took out my years of trial and error process and left you with this workshop that will get you results when everything’s put into practice.   Here’s everything you get in this workshop:

  • E-book on how to heal anxiety in both the short term and long term.
  • Workbook that goes with the e-book, with writing exercises for releasing and reprogramming.
  • Guided breathing exercises
  • Guided progressive muscle relaxation exercises
  • Guided aura cleansing visualization
  • 4 guided meditations for relaxation
  • Guided cord cutting/cleansing meditation
  • Guided meditation for grounding
  • 3 subliminal music tracks for self-confidence

Some of the practices you’ll learn include:

  • Meditation
  • How to ground your energy anytime, anywhere
  • How to cleanse your aura
  • Automatic writing to tap your subconscious mind
  • Therapeutic journaling
  • “Physiology hacks” to reduce anxiety
  • How to cut/cleanse cords (negative attachments to your aura)
  • Healing triggers
  • Creating your own positive triggers for quickly altering your state
  • Subliminal reprogramming
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Using affirmations and visual triggers to reprogram
  • Body awareness exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • How to cure insomnia

When you purchase this workshop, you get instant access to downloading the ebook, workbook, mp3s and bonuses.


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