Breathing for Health, Inner Peace and Enlightenment

Breathing is one of the topics I cover in my ebook, Detox on a Budget. In the book I go over several detoxification techniques in depth that are absolutely free, and breathing is one of them.

What? Breathing is a detox?

We all take deep breaths now and again, but have you ever taken deep breaths consecutively over a period of time, say 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or longer? Probably not!

However, the more deep full breaths you take throughout the day, the cleaner your blood is going to be, the more oxygen you’re going to have and the more your body is going to be able to do its job and detoxify itself.

When we don’t inhale all the way down to the bottom of the lungs, we’re not taking nearly as much oxygen as we could be taking in, which means we’re not using our brains as much as we could, and we don’t have as much energy as we could.

When we don’t exhale all the way, we’re not removing all the old air, and stagnant carbon dioxide tends to build up in the lungs and in the blood.

To breathe to your best capacity, you want to inhale fully (but comfortably) and exhale fully. As you continue to take these consecutive deep breaths, allow your breathing to slow down naturally.


magnetic mama (aka Magnetic Mama)

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