My Beautiful Badass Ego

I feel we need to help each other eradicate this fear of being “too egotistical” in the spiritual community. That’s a fear-based blockage (coming from ego, BTW) that stifles the process of merging the ego & soul. That merging!! THAT’S where your power is as a multidimensional being.

We have so many aspects to us; the ego being one of our most important tools as Creators and Expanders. The more these aspects can flow in unified agreement with each other, the more wholeness (SOULNESS ????) we embody.

You may have seen ego imbalances in others & even felt hurt or overpowered by those egos. Beware of allowing their experience with ego imbalance to influence your pursuit of a balanced ego.

“Too much ego” was never the issue. Is your ego BLOCKING you though? Is your self image limiting your soul’s expression & influence?

Personally, I require a “big ego” as a vessel for my higher self to be badass on this plane. It’s balance! The belief system in your vessel…the whole neural network….must allow for all that higher self goodness to be channeled through. Mmhmm, that big, beautiful, self-loving ego will enable your aura to light up with pure soular energy. That which can be the blocker can also be the catalyst. (Law of Polarity!)

Did you think you needed to be egoless to embody your higher self? Losing the ego can happen during meditation, out of body experiences and so on. But what if you want your higher self down here living out his/her mission in your everyday life? For my higher self to be down here, she needs to feel welcome. So yeah, I think highly of myself.

The key here is: when I say myself, I’m speaking of my infinite, timeless soul (a.k.a. higher self, BTW). The ego is what you identify yourself as. It’s your self image or self concept. My ego aligns with my soul because I identify as my soul. They merge.

With this perspective, I think you can see now why I say that a big ego is not a problem. If it’s aligned with the soul, it only provides the soul more expansion.

This is the healthy big ego, in which I fuel myself up internally with my love and praise. The unhealthy big ego is the one needing others to do this for them. (If you think narcissists consciously love themselves, you’ve been fooled by their facade!)

The higher self can coexist in the same vibrational space as the healthy big ego but not the unhealthy one. Because underneath the façade of the unhealthy big ego are unconscious beliefs of unworthiness…. of separation from Universal Oneness.

The healthy big ego is fluid and light. The belief systems within it are high vibrational. They’re loving, forgiving, empowering and compassionate. The healthy big ego actually comes off as humble more often than not, because of how flexible it is in allowing you to connect with others in a meaningful, heartfelt way.

The unhealthy big ego is a heavy burden that creates pain and confusion. The belief systems within it are ones we’re often unaware of. When we are aware of them, we realize they’re self-degrading and downright limiting.

How do you heal an unhealthy ego?

  1. Surround yourself with people who exhibit a loving self-image that enables their higher self to live through them. Their paradigm will start to rub off on you and trigger you to question your own beliefs about yourself.
  2. Reprogram yourself with the belief systems that align you with your soul and allow the merge to happen. I highly recommend my 21-day training: 21 Days to Reprogram Your Mind. It will help you put practices in place that rewire and mold the ego to serve your soul and free you from blocks.

If this article sparked an insight in you or left you with a burning question, feel free to share in the comment section below.

❤️ MM


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