Affirmations to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Most treatments for stress and anxiety are “band aid” solutions.

 So many of us continue to live with stress and anxiety because we don’t identify the causes or uproot them. Behind every anxious thought is a discreet subconscious belief — one you hold, perhaps unwittingly, relative to yourself or the world. Positive affirmations are tremendously powerful because they cut through negative thought patterns and overwrite them with beliefs that benefit your mental space and your life. Affirmations are a form of neuro-linguistic programming proven to influence the way you think. This book gives you:

  • Affirmations to reduce worrying, fearful thoughts, morning anxiety, social anxiety and panic attacks, as well as to promote lasting peace of mind
  • The best instruction on how to use affirmations and write your own to get results that are tailored to your needs
  • How to bulletproof your affirmations practice to ensure you get results
  • 4 other strategies and habits you can use to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Link to a FREE audio file containing 200 bonus affirmations not listed in this book.
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