Affirmations for Entrepreneurs: Program Your Mind for Business Success!

Personal development is the basis to creating the business and lifestyle you want.

Affirmations are a form of neuro-linguistic programming proven to influence the way you think and the choices you make. Many entrepreneurs feel they are frequently coming up against obstacles and swimming upstream. However, fears and limiting beliefs are the #1 cause behind falling short of success. By hacking your belief systems through positive affirmations, you can improve in any area of entrepreneurial life: productivity, self-confidence, customer relations, leadership, creativity, and of course — financial success and wealth. This book gives you:

  • 101 affirmations in the areas of confidence, focus, creativity, leadership, vision, success, wealth, customer relations, partner and employee relations and lifestyle balance.
  • The best instruction on how to use affirmations and write your own to get specific results for your business and lifestyle
  • How to bulletproof your affirmations practice to ensure you get the results you want.
  • 4 other mindset strategies and habits for entrepreneurial success in addition to using affirmations
  • Link to a FREE audio file containing 200 bonus affirmations not listed in this book.
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