5 Signs Your Third Eye is Open


signs your third eye is open

Sensations between your eyebrows

Do you ever feel a pulse between your eyebrows? How about a vacuum-like pressure? Is even thinking about it or imagining it bringing those sensations on? That’s a definite sign your third eye is open.

If you no longer experience these sensations but you had them in the past, your third eye is still open; the sensations are felt more in the beginning when your third eye first opens, and they go away once you’ve become desensitized to them.

You have creative inclinations and experience creative flow

Your third eye opens your creative channel, allowing you to let the universe in. You know that feeling when you’re inspired and fully focused on something original you’re creating? Whether you create music, write fictional stories or design fashion apparel, the experience of genuine inspiration indicates that your third eye is open.

You don’t like fluorescent lights and prefer natural light

There’s something about the lights overhead that bother your eyes. When you turn them off, you feel more at ease. When you’re exposed to natural light from outdoors, it has a calming, mood-lifting influence on you.

This is a sign of being sensitive to your third eye’s energy exchanges with external light sources.

You get a sense for things before they happen

You might impulsively pick up your phone, a second before it rings. Or your phone goes off from across the room, and someone pops into your mind. You look at your phone and they’re the person calling or texting.

You have a bad feeling about your friend’s new significant other, and down the line it turns out to be correct.

Your psychic centers and intuitive faculties are activating.

You don’t see societal systems the same way anymore

You see through politicians and find yourself unable to side with a political party. You’re less interested in schools and jobs. You start looking deeper, beyond the normalized ideas about what you’re expected to do with your life.

This is part of your intuition firing up; you’re more aware of the vibrational nature of reality, as opposed to the reality societal influences have led you to believe in.

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