3 Powerful Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

The goal of reprogramming your subconscious mind is to improve the way you feel. It can help you respond to depression by helping you respond more consciously and effectively to depressing thoughts before they get to you.

Subconscious programming can also affect your emotional state directly because of the vibration the programs instill in your being through exposure, especially at times of heightened suggestibility (explained below).

Here are three powerful ways one can reprogram the subconscious mind.

    1. Create a positive habit for the first thing you do when you wake up. Do the same thing every morning, such as a positive affirmation or a yoga posture, meditation or deep breathing, and do it first thing upon waking, without exception. At this time your mind is at a heightened level of “suggestibility,” which means it’s one of the most powerful times to affect your mood. If the first thing you do each morning is something that improves your mood, it creates the most powerful ripple effect on your day possible.
    2. Choose a short mantra you can repeat over and over in your head that makes you feel courageous and at ease. I f you feel afraid, you might use the mantra, “I am protected,” as a form of vibrational protection. If you feel incompetent, you might use a mantra “I am powerful” to help you accomplish something. If you feel depressed or bad about yourself, you might use a mantra, “I love myself.” Repeat the mantra silently our out loud. Repetition is the key. Within a few hours you notice a big shift in how you feel. Using it for days has an even bigger impact.
    3. Record your voice stating your intentions and affirmations and play it back repeatedly. You can layer your voice recording over a music track of your choice using Audacity on PC or GarageBand on Apple computers. You can even overlay a meditation music track and play it at night while you sleep, so that your subconscious records your words. Tony Robbins has said he uses this technique!

For more on reprogramming your thoughts, check out my online workshop, Reprogram Your Mind in 21 Days. This program gives you a new exercise to use each day for 3 weeks to transform your mind and raise your emotional baseline.

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